Goodwood to Become MINI’s Luxury Brand

Just as JCW is MINI’s high performance brand, Goodwood will becomes its luxury marque. According to Autocar MINI will build a series of products based on the name and the principles behind it. So what does that mean? Look for future products that use Rolls Royce materials and a look overseen by the RR design studio.

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The MINI Goodwood is set to be released next spring and will cost approximately £42,000 in the UK, €47,000 in Europe and (if our sources are to believed) $50,000.

You can read more in MotoringFile’s MINI Goodwood section.

  • MINImofo

    Thats nice and all but I would rather see a performance based vehicle over a luxury one.

  • MINImofo

    Thats nice and all but I would rather see a performance based vehicle over a luxury one.

    • Griffin

      then get a JCW.

      • that.guy

        I think MINImofo meant “actual performance based vehicle as opposed to the half-@ssed, over-priced joke that is the JCW. “

        • Nick

          A JCW is no joke, and does not cost $50,000. And if someone wants to spend the money for a Goodwood good for them. It’s all about personal choice.

        • MINImofo

          Actually I was talking about something better than a JCW. JCW is over-priced for the modest performance you get with it.

  • S S

    When you can buy an M3 or a Porsche for the price of a MINI you know something has gone horribly wrong.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think you can buy a new m3 or Porsche for 50k.

      • MINImofo

        You can for 55k. And get a WAY better vehicle…….So if you can afford 50k to begin with you probably can afford the extra 5k and get an M3….

        • Anonymous

          The cheapest M3 I can see on (US prices) is $71,000 before tax.

        • MINImofo

          Read again there chief. The M3 coupe starts off at 58.9k, the M3 sedan starts off at 55.9k and the M3 conv starts off at 67k. Before tax.

        • yoman

          You can get a Porsche Cayenne for 47k and a Porsche Boxter for 48k

    • Don Hopings

      USA: M3 Sedan starts at $55,990, everything else is more expensive Porsche Boxster (basic model) starts at $48,100 Porsche 911 (basic model) starts at $77,800

  • I’m sorry, but this makes absolutely no sense to me.

  • bee1000

    Yech! If MINI keeps heading in its current direction they’re going to need to launch another new brand…one that makes affordable sporty cars.

  • Anonymous

    This is supposed to be analogous to BMW’s Alpina?

  • Harry Dill

    Novel way to wring more marketing mileage out of a heretofore ostensibly exclusive limited-edition. Time will tell if it is a viable move. I certainly cannot find fault (and greatly admire) the prolific use of R-R material upgrades, BUT the sticker may become a sales stickler and leave more than a few Goodwood edition patiently awaiting adoption by status-conscious “motorers” reticent to part with such a princely sum. Of course, given today’s Royal Wedding and over 2 billion watching, it would have made a great deal of sense for MINI to buy a commercial spot particularly since the Royal Mews stable features Rolls-Royce vehicles.

    Bottom line: The Goodwood is a digression from MINI core value and tradition whereas the a next generation GP and JCW DS could become evolutionary bearers of the proud MINI tradition aimed at enthusiasts versus catering to and propagating conspicuous consumption. Obviously, BMW believes that the price of status is something more than a handful will cheerfully pay. Tally-ho and cheerio!

  • Anonymous

    I drive mi mini hard, hee hee, and enjoy squeezing as much performance out of it as I can. however, the plastics used inside the cockpit are a bit cheap-looking. had I had an option to upgrade to leather-wrapped console and burl walnut inlays I would have considered it. Why can’t small (and fast and fun) be luxe as well? That said, the wool floor mats are ridonkulous.

  • Absolutely wretched name. I’d be more likely to buy a Mini Nosegay, or Moistmutton. Eugh. I’d better stop before I give them more great ideas. They really should stop with the ridiculous naming schemes. I prefer numbers. Cold, hard numbers.

  • Harry Dill

    Lop off at least $15 grand and I (along with many potential owners) will be pleased to enjoy MINI Goodwood … even without heraldic trumpet air horn to announce our arrival!

  • Not my cup of tea… but then I think Mission Control is really cool.

  • Hmmm… S tailpipe, but no hood scoop.

  • Aurel

    I don’t think this has been mentioned before … but where are this and future Goodwood’s going to be sold? MINI dealers? RR dealers?

  • Chris B.

    yet more marketing hyperbole BMW stands to profit on the world over. increasingly unattractive BMW Group products have become…

  • Michael

    Really like the color scheme and the black instruments. I own a Sidewalk convertible, and it’s very classy. Build a “Goodwood II” with the same color scheme as this $50,000 model, and It would sell like hotcakes, because it’s so good looking – Very Classy.

  • fishbert

    can’t wait until I can order the OEM black tach face…

  • Don Hopings

    This is like back in the 60’s when celebrities paid to have their Minis customized in the UK. No different…

  • KPH

    I like the idea and the execution. The saying goes, “Money can’t buy happiness, just options”, is both right and wrong in this case. Motor on Daddy Warbucks. Don’t forget to wave.

  • Harry Dill

    Shape of head restraint is imaginatively comical. Just look at it and imagine a couple of faces with a white band just below along the stitch pattern and you have the counsel of the clergy close at hand, OR opt for photo images of Kate and William to provide regal flair! When ordering request the Bespoke Folk option.

  • I really like it. Reminds me of the custom Minis of the 60s, like the Radford. If I had $50,000+ to spend on a MINI, I might sign on the dotted line. Thumbs up.

  • Jerry

    What was the name of that James Bond girl….”Goodhead”? I wonder if ‘ol JB got “Goodwood” over Goodhead”.

  • Jerry

    What was the name of that James Bond girl….”Goodhead”? I wonder if ‘ol JB got “Goodwood” over Goodhead”.

  • As an owner of a Mini Cooper S – I don’t understand this at all. MINI is about fun to drive cars, it’s about motoring, about having a connection to the road. It’s not a luxury car by any stretch, and I wouldn’t want it to be one. Most MINI owners either get one for its quirkiness or its performance. I just don’t understand who this is supposed to appeal to. I get that there are some who want one, and that’s fine, but it’s so off brand that I don’t personally get it.

    Cooper S and JCW MINIs generally have run-flat tires – no room for a spare with that center mounted exhaust (which you’ll note the Goodwood shares). Run-flats make for a bumpy ride which is decidedly not luxury, so it seems the only way a Goodwood will be able to compensate for that is to make the suspension mushy.

    And then it won’t handle like a MINI, so you’ll just have a pricey but quirky luxury hatchback at that point.

    Like I said, I just don’t get the thinking here.

  • Anonymous

    I thought the hood scoop helped a bit to air out the engine. Getting rid of it would make it warmer, yes? All of that extra carpet and leather has to add weight too.

    • The hood scoop did nothing other than create warranty problems for MINI and act to differentiate the Cooper from the S. Anything else that MINI claimed was just BS…

      Personally, I like the scoopless hood. I’d like it even less with no hint of “power buldge” like on the 02 Cooper….


      • Is the melty scoop covered under warranty?