Fortune’s Alex Taylor III brings us this review of the MINI Countryman. He begins with a history lesson about the Honda Accord, which grew almost three feet in length from its original dimensions.

So why this gnashing of teeth over the 2011 MINI Cooper Countryman, which has grown two more doors and a mere 15 inches from the original MINI Cooper?

The Countryman is still immediately identifiable as a MINI, with its flat roof, friendly face, and extroverted paint job. There is nothing else like it on the road.

Although the Countryman has some crossover characteristics like a rear hatch and all-wheel-drive, the ground clearance is minimal, and the cargo space is laughable — all traditional MINI traits.

There’s a lot about the car he likes, but like most mainstream car reviewers, he’s unimpressed by the interior and can’t not mention those infamous J.D. Power dependability results. Check out his full write up over at Fortune.