MINI Roadster to Feature Manual Top

Based on several exclusive sources the forthcoming MINI Roadster will feature a fully manual top. Unlike the MINI Convertible the Roadster will go old-school with a top that’s operated simply by unlatching and folding down by hand.

So what’s the benefit? Weight reduction is a big one. As is mechanical simplicity. But also this should help with cost. Yes the Roadster will cost more than the Convertible but lower the raw material cost of the car should help MINI keep prices down a bit more.

Look for the Roadster to make it’s public debut at next year’s Geneva Motor Show and be at dealers later in the spring.

  • Glangford

    My dad had a TR3 with a convertible top that was manual fold down. That was no big deal to do. Gives it kind of that retro feel. 

  • What’s their explanation for the Roadster costing more than the larger convertible with an automatic top? Is the S engine standard? Because they expect to sell fewer models?

  • Ian

    If they’re smart, and I bet they are, it will come out as easy to use as a Miata’s manual top, and nobody who drives the car will miss having a motorized top.

  • Walk0080

    Nice to see they are favoring weight savings over an electronic folding top. I don’t think most people buying this car would be upset about a manual top. Like others have said, the concept worked just fine on the Miata.

  • david

    I’m actually looking forward to a manual top instead of motorized. The Roadster’s roof is also much, much smaller than the Convertible.

  • slap

    I like the manual top – less things to break.  🙂

    No real reason for it to be more expensive than the convertable – no rear seat, mechanical top.   Must be that stupid speed sensitve spoiler that does it.

  • Alpinamike

    Cost saving? 

  • b-

    I wonder what the weight savings will be with the manual top and no rear seats and such.  If it is significant over the cabrio then it will be not so bad of a price.  It will be a premium product, I will keep telling myself that.  I sure hope this car at that price has the JCW aero kit standard but won’t be surprised if it is not going to happen.

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  • well… that’s kinda weak. can’t be quite as slick in the valet lot, but… i’m all for less weight and price.  🙂