Vilner Creates Bentley-style MINI

Bulgarian car customizers Vilner are taking a page out of the book of Rolls Royce, creating a bespoke MINI Cooper S of their own. Dubbed “The Italian Job”, the car features plush brown Nappa leather and matching Alcantara throughout the interior tied together in a diamond quilt pattern. The exterior of the car features a matte gray wrap and contrasting matte black roof and bonnet stripes. Custom 18″ wheels keep everything moving. It’s arguably as lavish as the MINI by Goodwood, but this one-off won’t find its way into a MINI dealer near you any time soon. Full gallery after the break.

  • KB

    OK… Too much of a good thing. They should of stopped well before they reached the roof liner.

  • Looks good, but the interior does not match the exterior, it’s too sporty outside.

  • Les

    The funny thing is, someone actually thought this was a good idea.

  • JonPD

    A little over the top for my taste, then again likely I am not the type of person they are aiming this product at. Very nice quality of work from what I can tell.

  • Must be an old base car, has the old Hi-Fi Setup rather than HK, introduced late ’09!

  • Hfred


  • CraigE

    Wow! You guys are boring!  I think it looks a lot like the interior of the Spyker C8.  Do a Google image search for Spyker C8 and the first image that comes up is the one I’m referring to.  Of course Spyker as a brand is way over the top.

  • otter

    I am not sad that I can’t afford this.

  • Anonymous

    Why would they keep the oem plastic on the doors etc?  If you are going to go this route, go the whole way or go home.  Where is the color matched carpet?  Sheesh.

  • NoHoR56

    A coffin, a basketball and a saddle go into a saloon.  I don’t have the punchline, but there’s a joke here somewhere.  

  • MINImofo

    I’ll stick with my 09 DS MCS with redwood lounge leather. 

  • Michael

    Grotesque.  Why even put this on this forum?

  • Jerry

    It looks like one of those tacky mini-vans from the 70’s. All it needs is a purple velour interior.

  • theo

    I love it, especially the contrast from outside to in — one problem, I’ll take it on a manual transmission model!

  • Dave

    Ok on the outside,  inside not so much…..not sure if it’s the color of the leather interior or what, maybe black would have been a better choice.   Interior reminds me to that of a conversion van or motor home……no thanks ?

  • Harry Dill

    I love the new Bentley Supersport GT and revere the racing heritage of the marque. That said, it makes  no sense for bespoke MINI fabricators to depreciate the glorious MINI heritage by creating such absurdity. To make matters worse, given the outrageously priced (although beautifully crafted) Rolls-Royce-inspired MINI Goodwood that may arguably justify its raison d’etat as both brands are BMW- owned, Bentley is not. It is Volkswagen-owned and a MINI competitor. Actually, whether you agree with the aesthetic or not, it is an example of everyone getting on the bandwagon mentality and cashing in on extravagance. Heaven forbid, there must be some enterprising souls already contemplating  Maybach and  Bugatti editions and possibly Ferrari. Maserati, and even an Oscar Meyer “Weinermobile” design with hydraulics and spinners to add bling!