MINI Coupe Caught Un-Disguised

Car Magazine snuck in somewhere they shouldn’t have been and snapped the best pics yet of the forthcoming MINI Coupe. For those that read our review of the coupe last week we see a couple details that we mentioned;

  • The contrasting roof and stripes
  • Unique 17″ wheels
  • Silver roof and mirrors (white will not be offered)

The Coupe is scheduled to be officially unveiled in the coming days. However until then, feast your eyes the Cooper S Coupe.

  • Ruben

    Stunning. Can’t wait to see one live and, better yet, drive one! 🙂

    • Ruben

      In fact, I am positively excited how good the non-JCW coupe looks.  I feel in love with the JCW coupe’s looks (thanks in large part to the JCW aero kit), but seeing the indisguised coupe S, I can already tell that there will be some hard choices that wil have to be made when this hits dealers. 

  • JonPD

    Good looking car for sure. I am sure Car Magazine will not be invited to the next MINI event lol

  • jeff

    a new exclusive color for the coupe?

    • minipuma

      It’s always hard to tell with photoshop etc. how true colors really are, but that does look like a new shade of blue.  A coupe exclusive or an across-the-board replacement for outgoing Horizon Blue?

      • Not an exclusive.

        • CraigE

           Looks like Lightning Blue to me.

  • Anonymous

    July’s Auto Test / Auto Bild (looking at it right now n Germany) has a full photo spread of a silver red roof car with alternating stripes. Red calipers as well. Different wheels than those in this spy shot.

    Black seats / red piping and red inserts on dash and doors. The finished rear space is quite nice with a BMW like pass through and speakers.

    I am not in the business of using published images but if someone else is- now you know where to look!


    • The minute the embargo is broken digitally we will unleash the furry… believe me.

      • Aurel

        These embargo’s are silly … DO IT! 😉

        • Les

          I’d wait. 

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  • Harry Dill

    I must admit, it is with great reluctance that I am beginning to appreciate the coupe … including the quirky roof treatment! From the looks of things, it may very well turn out to win the favor of many diehard traditionalists, myself notwithstanding. The roadster may be even more exciting sans the camouflage whirligigs!

  • Car looks great – I’m really excited. Horrible wheels though…

    • Anonymous

      in Mini’s defense, these are much superior to many silly designs offered in the past.

    • Ruben

      Really? I actually find myself quite liking the new wheels.  As well as the more “rounded” front as compared to the JCW aero-kitted coupe that we’ve seen.  (Hoping that more rounded look is not just a result of some trick the camera is playing on us.)

  • MINImofo

    Whats up with the “No white will be offered”? Thats the only reason I haven’t traded in my 09 MCS. Not a fan of the silver tops. 

  • KPH

    Maybe it’s the new angle and the silver color, but this view is more flattering to the roof line. The overhang and curved top of the side windows go together and say “Swoosh”.  I do not own a pair of NIke’s. Looks like it’s ready for airfreight. Since it didn’t have a dust cover or anything for shipping I’d say it was a mistake or they’re no long concerned about sneak peeks. Liking it more and more. Live can’t come soon enough. I expect to be wowed by the Roadster even more too.

  • JonPD

    Not a bad color combo though I prefer the white silver/red roof of the race car better still

  • pinkMINIgirl

    Looks like Lightning Blue is coming back! 😉

  • I am getting more and more tempted each time I see pictures. I do hope Cooper S prices will be reasonable!

  • Alpinamike

    I wish they had a better camera phone. The pic is a little rough.  Cant wait to see in person.