MINI Names Drivers for its 24 Hours of Nurburgring Team

Look for much more on this team and the car next week.

Official news from MINI Motorsports: For the first time Dörr Motorsport starts a MINI at the legendary 24h race Nürburgring this year. In the background of this, Dörr cleverly promotes young long-distance drivers.

This year the MINI commitment may be starting under the Olympic motto of “It’s the taking part that counts”, but Dörr has set his sights on a clear goal: Next year, two MINI race cars are due to start, one of them with four junior racing drivers from other long-distance series behind the wheel.

To have the best possible car in place for 2012, Dörr has four veterans driving this year’s MINI. “With Christian Penno, Friedrich Holoch, Roland Konrad and Heiko Hahn we are lining up with very experienced drivers who are well qualified to give us feedback on what we might be able to improve. Then we go from there.” However, Dörr is not worried about having to deal with any major problems. He knows all about the quality of the MINI. “The car is already running very well,” Dörr says.

Then, in 2012, Dörr makes dreams come true. This spring four junior racing drivers have started behind the wheel of a 220 bhp MINI Cooper S at the RCN Rundstrecken-Challenge Nürburgring. After the 24h race, which the four youngsters will not yet compete in, they will start at the VLN long-distance championship at the Nürburgring. Those who prove themselves in this series can look forward to a starting place at the renowned 24-hour race next year.

Dörr is also keen to listen to the opinions of the junior drivers. After all, they were practically raised in the “Green Hell” with their experience at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. And so the future looks bright for Dörr and his young drivers. “The next group are already just around the corner,” says Dörr.

  • m8o

    Isn’t that HP really kinda low?

    • The JCW Challenge car uses the stock engine and gets 220 hp. While we can’t say anything yet about the 24 Hours car, I can say that figure may be different.

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      • JonPD

        To bad Herr26 already spilled the beans but still look forward to it.

  • Harry Dill

    Where are the Diesel MINIs?  We know how tremendously well the AUDIs recently did, and have consistently done, at LeMans.  MINI Motorsports should definitely campaign an oil burner that is capable of burning up the track. Cetane spells victory!

  • Eman

    it’s = it is

    its = possessive

    • Sdmidget

      Are they running the stock ECU?