The sketch above is courtesy of Autoexpress and are just here to illustrate a few ideas in the story below. It is rough and shouldn’t be taken as anything other than sketches from an outside source.

Over the past month we’ve heard from several sources that MINI will release a five door version of the F56 hatch. The five door will reportedly come about a year after the standard three door is release in late 2012. Much like the Clubman but with doors on both sides MINI intends this new feature to help owners make better use of the space and for easier access to the rear seats.

The five door will add some weight (at least 100 lbs with chassis strengthening etc) and price to the car but will allow the F56 to compete with larger cars in some markets.

Expect the F56 to be roughly the same size as the R53 and the R56 give or take a a centimeter here and there.

So what does this mean for the Clubman? As we’ve previously reported look for the next generation Clubman to continue to be base on the hatch but grow a sleeker profile and a little more length for further differentiation.

The F56 will debut next year at MINI United next summer and go on-sale a few months later in the fall of 2012. The five door should be available roughly a year later.