MINI Inspired by Goodwood Goes on Sale in the UK for £41,000

Editors note. MINI is insisting that ‘Inspired by Goodwood’ be in all caps. We think it’s plainly ridiculous looking at won’t be following that custom here on MF.

As MINI Inspired by Goodwood makes its European debut this weekend at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, MINI announces UK pricing for the stunning car which blends Rolls Royce luxury with the unmistakble MINI driving experience.

From 30th June 2011 customers will be able to place their order for one of just 1,000 MINI Inspired by Goodwood models priced at £41,000. The first of these unique cars will be delivered in March 2012.

MINI Inspired by Goodwood is the result of an exceptional collaboration between MINI and the Rolls Royce Motors Cars design team. The special edition MINI features top-grade materials and the highest level of workmanship.

The exterior and interior design features, were conceived at the Rolls-Royce Design division in the Sussex town of Goodwood and provide the car with a luxurious charisma and an incomparably high-quality ambience.

Inside the MINI Inspired by Goodwood, specially selected materials and precise craftsmanship guarantee the highest degree of comfort. The dashboard, central console, air vents, carpets, heated lounge leather seats, roof lining, doors and interior cladding all boast the exclusive Rolls-Royce colour Cornsilk. The dashboard and doorhandle surfaces, which are manufactured in Goodwood are finished in Walnut Burr, a premium wood trim exclusive to Rolls-Royce. The MINI Inspired by Goodwood also features cashmere roof linings, sun visors and rear storage tray as well as deep-pile lambswool foot mats – a quality also featured in current Rolls-Royce models.

The most striking features of the exterior design are the body finish in the exclusive Rolls-Royce colour Diamond Black metallic and 17-inch light alloy wheels sporting a multi-spoke design.

The MINI Inspired by Goodwood is powered by a l.6-litre 135 kW/184 bhp four-cylinder engine with Twin Scroll turbocharger, direct petrol injection and variable valve control. The power unit, which is featured in the new MINI Cooper S – it is the most efficient engine in its displacement class.

The MINI Inspired by Goodwood’s range of high-quality equipment offered as standard also includes Xenon Adaptive Headlights, Park Distance Control, automatic air conditioning, an onboard computer, MINI Navigation and the audio system Radio MINI Visual Boost, which includes the Harman Kardon hi-fi speaker system. The car also comes with MINI’s 5 year servicing package; MINI TLC.

Customers can find out more about the MINI Inspired by Goodwood at and can place an order at their local MINI dealership.

Source: MINI UK News

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  • Chris U

    “Inspired by Goodwood” looks ridiculous whether you put it in all caps or not.  Particularly since slapping some gaudy materials on the otherwise-standard interior and jacking up the price isn’t the least bit “inspired”.

  • Les

    This car works for me. I get what MINI/Rolls Royce had in mind and they did a great job. They made this for the people who have way to much money, but dont want to look like it all the time. This is car that they can go to work in and not be bothered with denting their Rolls, while enjoying the comforts of what they are used to. It works.  

  • jbkONE

    I don’t get it, but then I’m not their demographic… and I really don’t like beige interiors.  It’s a Cooper S with a leather dash and panels, cashmere headliner and sheep skin rugs.  I wonder how long it will be till someone mods their MINI to be goodwood-like?

  • Harry Dill

    Aston will soon launch its Cygnet. Is there a line forming made up of other prestigious marques waiting there turn to release more preposterous micro interpretations of mobile absurdity in the wake of MINI’s misguided entree ostensibly aimed at targeting the high net worth, insatiable appetites of status starved sycophants of luxury imagery? MINI, you should know better. This kind of creation is not your cup of Earl Grey and is counter to your sporting lineage.

    • Aurel

      Aston is releasing the Cygnet for other reasons. Mainly for having a car in their lineup for Euro CAFE standards.

      • Harry Dill

        Yes, that’s one reason, but the more important reason is to be onboard, along with other manufacturers, to reach the growing international small car market with its version of high-status, high-price transportation. It’s preposterous regardless. If AM’s only objective was to meet CAFE it certainly has the capability to produce a full-sized Aston hybrid or all electric vehicle without shrinking its image and product line to comical proportions by affixing its name badge on the Cygnet.

  • Rfritz


    • e.e. cummings

      i humbly disagree

  • Chris_94131

    had they offered the walnut inlays as an option when I bought my Clubbie I would have gotten them, the same with the leather interior.. can’t see much use for the wool mats, though, unless you plan to drive barefoot.

  • Dubber

    INSPIRED BY GOODWOOD  hmmm.. INSPIRED BY GOODWOOD  Yeaah. I kinda like it.  Kinda reminds me of a Craigslister hoping that posting his ad in ALL CAPS will overshadow its salvaged title and OVERPRICED asking..

  • Gerarddm

    I think it’s pathetic.

    Just give the JCW an honest 250 HP and shut up already.

  • Harry Dill

    The thrust of my criticism is simply that the Goodwood fails to evolve the sporting lineage of the MINI marque. Aside from that, the example is masterfully executed and will appeal to the extravagant sensibilities of a handful of wealthy UK consumers. Perhaps they will snap up the cars as an ideal transportation choice for their “public” school offspring, after all, the Goodwood is considerably more nimble to handle than a Ghost for an inexperienced driver like Jr.

  • James Gaston

    Not my cup of tea but whatever. Can’t get over the ugly scoops below the front bumper of the latest minis — why do some car designers like to make models uglier?  And I know the hood scoop isn’t functional, but this is the first turbo mini I’ve seen sans scoop. 

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