MINI USA Sales up 26% for June, up 42.3% for 2011

[Official Release] MINI USA reported sales of 5,228 automobiles in June, a new record for the month. The June 2011 sales are an increase of 26% over the 4,149 sold in June, 2010.

Fuel prices have moderated in the last month or so but we are still seeing an increase in MINI sales” said Jim McDowell, Vice President MINI USA. “It’s not just the new Countryman that’s popular but the entry hardtop as well, telling me that more Americans are embracing small cars as a rational choice.

Year-to-date, MINI sales in the U.S. are up 42.3% on volume of 29,816 compared to 20,953 in the first six months of 2010. The January to June numbers are the highest achieved in that six month period since MINI was launched in the U.S. in 2002.

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Written By: Nathaniel Salzman

  • Anonymous


    I thought it quite interesting how even though BMW got a $3.6 billion federal loan, haS anyone heard of this?,  they are still closing a valued and well functioning distribution center to an outsourced company here in Ontario California. The author suggests hauling Jim McDowell before congress for some questioning. I agree.

    • R.O.

      And American’s continue to by BMW’s and blame Unions.  American’s should focus their dismay and angry towards the Corp. Exec’s and Big shareholders.  In reading the article, the Union (Teamsters) and the employees did all they could do to make this the best most efficiently run business without any labor stoppage or issues and won awards from BMW.  I’m sick and tired of people blaming Unions for the woes of this country.   

  • Anonymous

    Not sure if it’s just my Safari browser but editing a comment here is miserable.

  • Anonymous

    Corporate greed in the USA is just staggering to me and the layoff of 70 employees, some with 30 years with BMW, is incomprehensible to me.

    • Anonymous

      Ever see the documentary “The Corporation”?  You can watch the whole thing on line if you want.

      Capitalism is great except when the corporations start writing the laws.  What we have how seems to be more of a mix of consumerism and corporatism rather than capitalism.

      What happens if the corporate overlords turn us all into serfs and we can no longer afford their products?  I guess they don’t care as along as they get their mega bonus this year.

  • Anonymous

    Back on topic…  There’s a break down by vehicle type here: http://miniusanews.com/web/model/release.php?id=221&model=miniCorp

  • http://about.me/bentyyc Ben Tsui

    So it looks like the Countryman is accounting for 27% of sales both for the month of June and YTD. I’d curious to see the breakdown by Countryman type (Cooper, CooperS, CooperS ALL4).

    • Anonymous

       very good

  • Anonymous

    Aw yes the Union vs Suits battle… When I worked in the motion picture industry the Suits blamed the unions, the Unions blamed the Suits and Arnold got $20 mil + per for crap! I also saw union employees, mainly IATSE, complaining about having to pay a $25 co-pay for medical coverage payments that most of the working folks in the USA would kill for. I saw nonsense on both sides with Suits getting mega salaries, mega payoffs for jobs not well done and union members padding their time cards, stealing from and using studio supplies to further their outside business’. I complained once and was approached and told to shut up or… I did and left the industry.

    Seems though that responsibly folks doing a great job at the Ontario distribution facilty, and I’m sure other sites, are being tossed aside for basically greed. BMW suggests they employ 10,000 workers in the USA… I wonder is their fate going to be the same?

    • Anonymous

      Quasi on topic…   Suits vs Unions in the Auto Industry….  Highly recommend listening to this:  http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/403/nummi

      I was absolutely stunned at some of the crap the union works pulled and equally astonished at the lack of forsight and followthrough by management.

  • Anonymous

    “Miami-based Crispin, Porter + Bogusky got $30 million for the MINI ad account”. Though they did some brilliant work, much better that the next company Butler & Shine… I haven’t a clue who is the agency now or how much they paid B&S or whomever took the account over. Maybe Gabe knows???

    I wonder if the total outlay in salaries and med benefits was that much for Ontario?

  • jpd

    Hijacked by politicos. This thread needs to get back on track. MINI continues to sell, sell, sell despite modest review of Countryman and high prices. Good for them. 

    • Anonymous

      Sales of the Cabrio continue to drop off.   Are the execs that green-lighted the roadster experiencing a little heartburn right now?  Time will tell…

    • Anonymous

      Your “hijacked by Politicos” comment is a bit off the mark, I think. I think my posts are quite relevant to this topic and I think quite a few others agree with me that corporate greed is rampant and hurts many people. Now if MINI/BMW sales were off say 42% you could expect layoffs.

      • Harry Dill

        100% on! When will our ostensible “civic-minded” corporate leaders made a move that truly advances social responsibility. Example: It is known that there are two epicenters of economic upheaval in the U.S. — Las Vegas, NV and Detroit, MI. Countrywide did its unbridled dance in Vegas and turned the economy upside down. The semi-credible politicos of Carson City and Clark County have long sought to diversify the economy. Their efforts have been largely unsuccessful when, in fact, they should have been very successful given the benefit of an excellent crossroads transportation infrastructure. Carson City is the location of Porsche distribution. Why not Vegas for MINI distribution? No state income tax along with incentives should give BMW good cause to think Vegas … and it is the host city for AMVIV!

        • Harry Dill

          Correction: Porsche in Reno, NV not Carson City

  • Harry Dill

    In a nutshell, greed is the incontrovertible culprit. The soapbox sycophants of the “right” continue to broadcast self-serving propaganda. The GOP in CT (a state with one of the highest per capita incomes) is crying the oft heard refrain about taxes being too high to retain industry. Isn’t it ironic that the state representatives from Greenwich, CT — the hedge fund capital of the western world where $100m estates and $1/4m cars are commonplace are calling for tax cuts to make the corporate lives of UBS, RBS and the CTHFA members a little less “burdensome.”  After all, the Johnnie Walker Blue brigade needs good cheer and have no reason to tear!

    The other operative word is corruption — including union greed and exploitation. All of these ripples in the pond are minor disturbances in mindset of the multinational “monarchs” that are focused on transforming national to global economies. The transformation is inevitable and insidious. There will be two classes — the wealthy and the poor. The BRIC nations will rule the world as America, Europe, and other sliding superpowers will acquiesce to dictates of multinational economic megalomania. All of these minor disruptions are simply part of the process.

  • bee1000

    I just want to point out that MINI’s sales increase is almost equal to the number of Countrymans sold. So either the Countryman came out just in time to prevent drastic reductions in MINI sales, or it’s cannibalizing other MINI models, or, probably, both. What were sales like in the months leading up to the Countryman launch?

  • bee1000

    I just want to point out that MINI’s sales increase is almost equal to the number of Countrymans sold. So either the Countryman came out just in time to prevent drastic reductions in MINI sales, or it’s cannibalizing other MINI models, or, probably, both. What were sales like in the months leading up to the Countryman launch?

  • Anonymous

    MINI sales up…Good BMW sales up…Good Getting layed off in a lousy economy…Bad

    I think that bee1000 hit it on the head.  It seems that Clubman sales continue to fall at the expense of the Countryman. I’m glad Countryman sales continue to rise even though it’s not a vehicle I would, at present, consider. I do believe that Clubman sales are suffering with the introduction of the Countryman but I can’t imagine that is any surprise to MINI sales and marketing people.

    It is somewhat surprising to me that the convertible sales are so far in the ditch. That is something that I’m sure is being addressed.

    It is good to see hardtop sales strong. It would be interesting to know the breakdown of hardtop sales ie; Cooper/S/JCW.  These cars make up the bulk of sales and thier continued growth is good for both MINI and thier dearlerships.

    The article twistyguy linked to was an interesting read. I am truly sorry for these familys and how this closing have devestated thier lives. As to all the other comments following it; Here, I’m interested in things concerning MINI and the cars they manufacture.  I love politics but just not here… 

    • Harry Dill

      It will be interesting to monitor comparative sales of hatch v. roadster convertible sales, and for that matter, roadster v. coupe sales. It could that that going “topless” has simply lost its appeal — at least (according to the stats) for a significant faction of MINI consumers.

    • Anonymous

      I put the link here not as political spice but as a way to show disgust at corporate greed. I understand that MF is not a “politico” venue but felt ithis an interesting and current topic. I also understand why MF would never approach these types of topics, bad for the bottom line.

      The fluff that is MF is a great way to spend a few minutes, read silly comments and see the latest from MINI it is the biggest and best MINI blog. I rarely get involved in politico stuff as it’s a non winnable topic here in the USA but the human side of that story touches, or should I say, should touch us all.

      You said… “Getting layed off in a lousy economy…Bad” my point was BMW/MINI is having a robust year and their treatment of these employees is unpalatable for me.

      • Anonymous

        …Well said.  I admire your compassion and your well reasoned thoughts… :)

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