MINI Yours Color Options for 2012

MINI Yours is introducing two exclusive colors for 2012 that will be available on all MINIs coming out of the Oxford Plant. MINI Yours (MIIN’s high-end line of factory options and dealer accessories) will be available a la carte with one caveat, that you order the MINI Yours side Scuttle. By ordering that one part you unlock the entire MINI Yours catalogue of exclusive options. And of course three of those options are two different exterior paints. See the rundown after the break.

  • Laguna Green / Based on the Laguna Green found in many BMWs from the 1990s. It’s also similar to the green on the Paceman concept car but with more blue in it.
  • Highclass Grey / A deep grey with hints of brown

And as you’d expect, each are metallic and are meant to work well with the various MINI Yours exterior and interior options.

Big thanks to Jon for the image seen above and Craig for a correction.

Note: colors above appear more washed out than normal due to lighting. Especially Laguna Green.

Written By: Gabe

  • alwaysawesome6

    nice one  

  • minipuma

    Love the new gray.  “Highclass, if you ain’t rollin, bypass…”

  • CraigE

    I hate to disagree with you, but, if that picture was zoomed out just a little bit you would see that only the Laguna Green and Highclass Grey are the MINI yours colors.  The Eclipse Grey is not.

    This picture is from the new 2012 full line brochure, which I’m looking at right now.

    • JonPD

      The image kinda gave me that feeling too Craig though a tough call because of the way it was zoomed.  Will post up a bit more info later.

      Did find that the 2012 colors are ending up online already.


      • Anonymous

        On that website, the Eclipse Grey and Highclass Grey look exactly the same!

        • CraigE

           In the brochure, Eclipse Grey looks slightly olive and the Highclass Grey looks blue.

  • Steve

    But only Chili Red is the True MINI color!!

  • Rfritz

    I just looked at the MINI Yours side scuttle.

    What is that image supposed to represent….any ideas?

  • JonPD

    Also from the spreadsheet I am looking at it looks like the Highclass Gray will be available for the MINI Clubman, Cooper, Cooper S. The Laguna Green will be available for Cooper S, Convertible, and Coupe

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1339997140 Kevin Boyd

    Highclass Grey on a Clubman

    • Anonymous

      Looks very blue-ish in this pic.

      • Versus

        Nice, glad to see they’re offering deeper blues. 

  • Anonymous

    I think I’ll be sticking with the Eclipse Grey I ordered for my new JCW.

  • bee1000

    Leave it to MINI to make one of their special, new, exclusive paint colors metallic dark gray. Whoopee!

  • CFRM

    When I originally ordered Eclipse Grey for 2011 HIGH CLASS GREY was the color that showed up on the UK configurator, they later changed it to the current color… threw a fit but ended up being happy with it. I think I would still prefer High class grey…

  • Jeffvader13

    Think that Green should on stayed in the 90’s!!

  • Jeffvader13

    Think that Green should on stayed in the 90’s!!

    • Anonymous

      I see that color and all of a sudden I hear the Miami Vice theme song in my head. ;)

  • Hoover

    Not loving that side scuttle.  So, if one were to order something from the MINI Yours catolog, I’m guessing they would also be working with their parts department to get a different scuttle to replace that thing.  Off topic for this post, but since we broached the subject:  why no cool, exclusive side scuttle for the JCW cars?

    • Ruben

      Actually JCW’s (factory cars at least, not sure about the package) do get their own, exclusive side scuttle.  It sort of looks like the scuttle on the regular Coopers (non-S) but in chrome.  However, I’m sure I speak for many when I say that the side scuttle on the factory JCW’s does not excatly stop anyone breath.  (Personally, I find the “S” side scuttles to be the best-looking in the MINI line-up.) 

      None of this applies to the Countryman, which does not have a JCW factory car (yet) and has different looking side ‘scuttles’ alltogether.

      • JonPD

        Generally have to agree, the side scuttle on the R56 have never been a design aspect I have liked much. Generally speaking its huge lol. I am going with the jcw mesh side scuttle so if nothing else with black out as much as possible of that lol

        • Ruben

          Right, I forgot about the optional JCW mesh side scuttle.  That one is probably the most appropriate for the JCW, but I just can’t see myself paying an exta $140 for that. 

        • Hoover

          I don’t know if that chrome version is standard in all markets for the JCW (although I have seen them on all the cars in competition)–and I agree that the chrome version is not the greatest.  They have had some nice ones for the WC50 and the Camden and other special editions.  I don’t see why they can’t develop one that uses the JCW logo–or a variation of it.  I went for the Black Jack on mine (Pepper White).  Out of the current offerings, I agree that the mesh is the best bet for the JCW–but now that I have them, I would be hard pressed to give up my Black Jacks on any future car.   I went with the scuttles from OutMotoring.  A bit cheaper than the OEM, but the inserts are not interchangeable.

  • Anonymous

    Not exactly BRG, but Laguna Green appears to already be a very popular and attractive shade. The name “Highclass Grey” is amusingly provocative and perhaps loaded with allusion vis-a-vis what has become de rigueur behind-the-headlines news — namely the implicit feudal renaissance underway dividing the classes and priming the pump for a global middle-class insurrection. The name is rather comical, but ostensibly apropos for the Goodwood edition.

  • Anonymous

    A great option for those opting for “Highclass Gray” vehicles could be a powerful set of Maserati air horns that announce one’s arrival with the euphony of heraldic trumpets! It think Highland Grey would have been far more appropriate while celebrating the lore and beauty of the Scottish highlands. It is also far less comical.

    • http://BimmerFile.com Gabriel Bridger


      • Anonymous

        I would like to see MINI offer a matte black finish similar to that offered by Mercedes-Benz in 2010 on the AMG 550SL. I am not certain if the color is painted or vinyl wrap. In either case, it looks very distinctive. Of course, for those really serious about distinctive colors, please check out the latest Veyron in “red chrome” out of Latvia. Equally interesting were the recently auctioned Elton John Audi R8s in glistening silver chrome. Both sterling examples of bespoke in the extreme. I’m not knocking it. I say, if you’ve got the means then go for the extremes and enjoy the trip.

      • Nick Dawson

        Gabe – although MINIs, with the exception of the Countryman, are built in the UK, the responsibility for marketing lies ultimately with the powers that be in Munich. In the case of the colour Highclass Grey the word ‘Highclass’, as opposed to High Class, in German translates to ‘Erstklassig’ meaning First Class or First Rate, or in other words ‘Quality’, and does not imply any social hierarchy. It does, therefore, seem to be a reasonably appropriate name to use in association with a MINI YOURS product.

        • http://BimmerFile.com Gabriel Bridger

          Totally understand that. It’s why we have the yet All4 as well :)

  • Anonymous

    After thinking about it, there was once a color called Taiga Green very similar to Laguna, offered by BMW on 2002 models — not the year; the model a couple notches above the 1600 and 1800s. I’m still excavating to unearth a 17th century Bimmer and nearly halfway to China where Rolls Royce are far more plentiful than dragons and panda bears! 

  • JonPD

    Well just discover to no great surprise I guess (especially after re-reading the 2012 PDF) that the MINI Yours Soda line (exterior color Laguna Green) is only available on the Cooper Coupe, Cooper S Coupe but not the jcw. Could explain why my dealer is not having any luck getting the order in. I do still have some questions, mostly around that fact that MINI Yours says you must buy the Soda scuttle before buying any other pieces of the Soda line, yet the PDF quite clearly shows that while the scuttle and paint are not available the Soda wheels, dash, mirror caps, and interior surface are. This has left me in a quandary. Since MINI has been unable to produce a jcw that looks unique I was hoping that a new color would give it the chance to stand out.

    To say that I am considering my options is a understatement right now.

    • Aurel

      Correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t it mentioned in previous posts that the JCW would have ONLY the red roof as standard? If so, I would think Laguna Green would not go with it. Things are confusing.

      • http://BimmerFile.com Gabriel Bridger

        The JCW has the same roof colors available PLUS chili red.

        • Aurel

          I stand corrected.

    • Hoover

      Well, that stinks.  I hope it is resolved.  With all the options and logic in place to conform to the design restrictions that MINI puts on things, it is no wonder it is confusing.  I had thought I read or heard (on WRR) that MINI was going to move in a new direction and allow for more freedom in this area.  Looks like you would have gone with the silver roof.  I would have liked to have seen that car.

      • JonPD

        Every example of a Laguna Green JCW Coupe with silver roof just looked fantastic to me and I think would have been a little unique. Have been sitting for hours playing with different color combos and just hitting a wall. Right now looking at Lighting Blue with Silver roof and lots of carbon fiber. Its ok but looks rather predictable as MINI’s go.

        Sure did a good job taking a lot of my excitement out of this order. It will still be a good addition to the house just not with the same visual impact.

        • LTLMCPE

          Jon, sorry to hear this and hope they can make the color happen on a JCW.  After reading the pdf and posts yesterday that’s why I asked if your Laguna Green was a JCW.  I do like the rendering you shared and it would look fantastic.  I too want a unique coupe and am diassapointed in the color offerings, esp the JCW.  Where’s the Estoril-like blue of the coupe concept?

  • Dr Obnxs

    I never really understood MINIs arbitrary restriction of options and colors. In 2002, I wanted a Blue MCS. Couldn’t get one because the Blue was a Cooper only color. 4 months later, it’s available on the S in the 2003 MY. So, even as a model differentiator it was a failed policy. Seems to me that if they have it in the options list for one, they should have it as an option for all….

    Really, there is no reason that makes any sense to have enthusiasts like JonPD go through a hit on enthusiasm just for artificial constraints like those listed above.


    • JonPD

      What blows me away is that most car builders will offer broader range of colors and unique colors with more expensive cars in their range. MINI has done some of this but in the case of the jcw sub brand has departed from this by selling an upgraded and more expensive car that has little option of make itself unique. I think that even MINI realizes this hence the Red roof option. However as somebody that just spent 40k on a MINI I sure would like to know that a mid 20k Cooper S with a sheet of red vinyl and a few badges can basically create a clone. I believe that the standard colors should be default but not having a unique color is a huge flaw. I know this constraint is based around the costs of deploying a new color at the factory, while I understand this I think they have done more damage than good to the top end cars over the last many years by missing this. I am sure MINI Yours will help but from what I can see the initial options are aimed at the lower cost cars.

      I would have honestly been happy to spend another 3-5k to get a car that is actually unique. Maybe someday but until then to me there is only one true JCW and that is the GP, I still view my new Coupe as a jcw.

      • LTLMCPE

        Well said Jon!  BMW has exclusive M colors so I’ve not understood why MINI has not done the same with JCW.  I’ve been excited for the coupe and had my name on the list at my local dealer since the concept.  Really dissapointed the concept color, exterior and interior is not offered at launch.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1232156929 Mike Roberts

    Oh, how I wish that was Laguna Seca BLUE.

  • Elshin

    Can someone please tell me how can I see the laguna green on a MINI Cooper S 2012?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000508067934 Audrey Abernathy

    I’d just like them 2 bring back (at least a slight variation of) Black-Eyed Purple/Purple Haze.  I LOVE my color, and would even consider trading Scoopie in 4 the Coupe’ if they offered it!

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