MotoringFile’s Long Term MINI Countryman Test Car Arrives

You helped us design it. Now after many months and a few delays (we thought the ship went down for awhile) our MINI Countryman All4 MCS is here. And rest assured you will hear all about what it’s like to live with it over the next year. But for now, here’s a quick look under the Chicago sun. (Gallery after the break)

  • minipuma

    very nice indeed

  • Anonymous

    Gabe back in the seat of a “MINI”… pretty kool.

    • Feels good 🙂

    • Cinimin

      Gabe in a MINI with a back seat…  Very cool!

      • Anonymous

        Gabe in a MINI without a back seat (cough Coopster)…  Even better!

        (Although I’m sure that day will come shortly! :P)

  • Anonymous

    Gabe back in the seat of a “MINI”… pretty kool.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to read the review. I know you spent a of time deciding on what you wanted color wise, seems tame for you?

    • Hoover

      I do believe that he considered a Pepper White MINI before.  And the 1M is gonna be in Alpine White, so this isn’t surprising.  I think this white is close if not identical to Alpine White.  (A shiny, clean Alpine White BMW is hard to beat in my book.)

      • NEWDL

        Countryman White is far from Alpine. It is a grayer white than Alpine.

        I agree all BMWs and MINIs look good in White…

  • minipuma

    I don’t find the Countryman very photogenic, but whenever I see one in the flesh slipping through traffic, it looks fantastic, sportier and more aggressive than in photographs.  I bet this one looks superb on the streets of Chicago.

    • goat

      I agree… in photos, “my friend but not my best”… in person on the road, an appealing design.


    Have you published the full specs? 

    Looks great! Have you figured out what to do for winter wheels/tires yet?

  • Evan

    I had been waiting for this post!  I figured that you should have taken delivery by now. Can’t wait to hear the reviews!

    And Pepper White is not as clean and crisp as Alpine White. I’ve longed for a true white on the MINI like Alpine White. Maybe the next gen…

    • Nick Dawson

      Pepper White is not available on the Countryman. The Countryman is built in Austria, not the UK, and has a unique range of colors. The white is called ‘Light White’ and is a shade lighter than Alpine White.

      • Thanks Nick – you beat me to it. Light White is really interesting… it’s almost got a hint of grey to it in some light. I think Alpine is actually more true white. I’ll know in three weeks when my Alpine 1M arrives 🙂

        • Volkan

          Don’t worry about the R60, just post pictures of that 1M when it arrives 😀

        • You’ll want to head over to BimmerFile for that 😉

        • Nick Dawson

          Gabe, I agree with you about the hint of grey in some light. I think MINI has tried so hard to produce a whiter than white, it has ended up a bit too thin. I recently parked my own Countryman (see photo) alongside a 1-series in Alpine White, and Light White definitely looks lighter.

          By the way, I’m envious to hear about the 1M 🙂

  • Ric Liang

    Nice Gabe. Don’t forget to mount that bike rack 😉

  • Harry Dill

    Your Countryman looks very handsome. I particularly like the black and white combo. I can also see this looking attractive with a white roof and black body. In either case it would be interesting to experiment with white wheels and/or body colored fender lips. The headlight surrounds may look nice in black or white as well. I think the design cries out for a row of flame throwers like those that adorn the WRC car. I’m sure you will derive maximum pleasure from this MINI, particularly during the winter months in the windy city. Bon voyage!

  • KPH

    Here’s wishing you an authentically awful Chicago winter…for the sake of a real test.  Our entertainment comes in a distant second of course.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats, Gabe!  I’m looking forward to your review over the next year!

    MINI’s OEM Urban Lines carpet floor mats in Light Grey/Cream pinstripe would look fantastic on the interior!  Either that or the JCW checkered rubber mats. 🙂

  • Harry Dill

    Any plans to break-in your new pride and joy traversing the barren stretches of the “new” Dakar Rally in January?  Of course, I’m being facetious.  There’s no way one would contemplate subjecting such a pristine vehicle to a mud bath and assorted debris.  Perhaps the only environmental hazard you will need to be wary of is salt. And even that may not pose any real threat given the Ziebart-like anti-corrosion coating protecting the undercarriage. To proudly display a Dakar competitor number could be rather tempting! 😉

  • Sherri

    MiniPuma, I totally agree with your statement, “I don’t find the Countryman very photogenic, but whenever I see one in the flesh slipping through traffic, it looks fantastic, sportier and more aggressive than in photographs”. The pics definitely do not do the car justice. I looked at them at the dealership (and even sat in one), and they are definitely more appealing in person. In fact, i saw one on the road today in a dark silver and it was sooooo sweet. Almost enough to tempt me to trade in my Pepper White Cooper S. . .Almost. :~)