MINI Goodwood Priced at $52,000 for the US

Pricing is in on the most expensive MINI ever. The MINI Inspired by Goodwood (aka the MINI Goodwood) will retail for $52,000. MINI will be producing 1000 worldwide but only 140 will be coming to the US. Options are limited because, as you’d expect, a $52,000 MINI has most options already. However you can still spec your exclusive Rolls-Royce color Diamond Black or the MINI color Reef Blue metallic.

Official Release: MINI fans in the US will have their first chance to see two exciting and very different, new MINI vehicles at the world-famous Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California this week. Both vehicles can be found at the MINI Display, located at the intersection of Pedestrian Walkway and 17-Mile Drive.

The MINI INSPIRED BY GOODWOOD is an exclusive special edition of the MINI Hardtop which has been produced in close collaboration with the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars design team, and it will be displayed alongside the new two-seater MINI Coupe which will also be shown publicly in the USA for the first time.

MINI INSPIRED BY GOODWOOD adds another layer to the MINI brand experience, bringing a generous measure of automotive luxury and exclusivity in its highest form. It will be priced at $52,000 (including $700 D&H), when advanced orders begin later this month.

Working with the development center of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, England, MINI has produced a limited-run special edition MINI, whose exterior and interior design is complemented by fine materials and the British luxury car marque’s commitment to flawless workmanship.

It will be produced in a limited edition of 1,000 units – 140 of which will be available to US customers – and combines typical MINI driving fun with the same discerning craftsmanship, select materials, styling and all-round ‘typical British understatement’ that are hallmarks of the world’s leading producer of luxury automobiles.


Deliveries of the 2012 model year vehicle, which will be launched as part of the exclusive ‘MINI Yours’ range of special edition vehicles and options, are scheduled to start in the second quarter of 2012.

Two of the most striking features of the exterior design are the body finish in the exclusive Rolls-Royce color of Diamond Black metallic and 17-inch light alloy wheels sporting a multi-spoke design. Alternatively, the MINI color Reef Blue metallic can be specified.


Inside, the dashboard (including the surrounds of the central instrument and the air vents), the center console, carpet surfaces, the Lounge leather seats, the roof lining as well as the door, side and body pillar cladding boast the exclusive Rolls-Royce color Cornsilk, a warm and natural shade of beige. Only the upper section of the instrument panel is in black.

In terms of Rolls-Royce materials in the MINI INSPIRED BY GOODWOOD, the interior includes seats covered in Lounge leather, Lambswool floor mats, a cashmere headliner, fascia and front door grab handles in burr walnut veneer and a sports steering wheel with Walknappa leather and Piano Black controls.

Each MINI Inspired by Goodwood is powered by the turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that was featured for the first time in the 2011 MINI Cooper S. This engine includes a Twin Scroll turbocharger, direct injection and variable valve control and generates 181 hp, so the sprint from 0 to 60 mph is completed in 6.6 seconds. A choice of either six-speed manual and automatic transmissions will be offered.

Maximum driving fun: the new MINI Coupe

Designed to maximize driving fun, the new MINI Coupe indulges the keen driver with a level of agility unmatched in the small car segment, along with a unique body and interior concept.

The first two-seater in MINI’s line-up is focused on delivering optimum performance. As a result, the new car radiates the brand’s hallmark go-kart feeling with a whole new depth of intensity and achieves the best performance statistics ever recorded by a volume-produced MINI. It is the fastest-accelerating MINI ever (0-60 mph in 6.1 sec) and has the highest top speed, 149 mph.

The MINI Coupe is the brand’s first model to adopt a three-box body structure with a strikingly stepped rear end. Measuring 147 inches long and 54.6 inches high, its distinctive lines, flat silhouette (a full inch lower than MINI Hardtop), innovative steel ‘helmet roof’ with integral roof spoiler and an active rear spoiler to optimize airflow at higher speeds, lend the MINI Coupe a sporty and individual allure.

MINI Coupe will feature the latest generation of four-cylinder engines incorporating BMW Group technology derived from motorsports and generating outputs of 208 (John Cooper Works), 181 (Cooper S) and 121 hp (Cooper).

Strictly a two-seater concept with extended stowage and loading capacity behind the driver and passenger seats, the MINI Coupe features oval recesses in the roof liner to provide extra headroom for the driver and front passenger. With its extremely high-opening tailgate and large luggage area with through-loading facility, the MINI Coupe delivers outstanding versatility for everyday driving.

Three versions of the MINI Coupe are available to order now with starting prices ranging from $22,000 to $31,900, based on engine option.

  • Bee1000

    I’m going to look on the bright side and hope that maybe they’ll ship all 140 to the US on the same ship and they’ll all fall overboard and become the foundation of a really nice coral reef.

  • I know it’s been said before, (by me), but I have to say it again: I just don’t get it.  Why, MINI, why?

  • Dr Obnxs

    Because they can! But whatever, I’m sure that it’s not for most of us. But if 140 people in the US, and 1000 worldwide want to spend the money, who are we to say they shouldn’t?

    I do think a better question is what could MINI have done with the resources that were used. If it was all the RR group, who cares? Life will go on, and we’ll finally have to stop enduring all the reporting on a version that very few care about, except to scoff.


  • Guest

    I’m w/Dr. Ob on overall assessment. If I had an extra $50k I’d consider owning one if for no other reason than to drive a potential investment. The car is undeniably beautifully crafted and would make a nice pairing with the new “Dragon” special edition RR Phantom aimed at the lucratve Chinese market. I also think that, despite its admirable craftsmanship, it may be the penultimate example of resource misallocation. 

    Just think how thrilled many of us would have been to witness a laudable uber-successor to the GP running a JCW reworked diesel akin to the U.S. bound ( yes, U.S. bound!) diesel M5. It has been stated that the DS will not likely arrive on U.S. shores due to the alleged expense to make it environmentally correct. I rest my case. Prima facie evidence this strong requires no argument. MINI diesel is feasible. It is simply a matter of priorities … and a RR MINI should not been the one to supersede performance evolution.

    • CraigE

      There is a MAJOR difference  between doing a custom interior and adding a diesel powertrain.  One is essentially a superficial modification of the vehicle.  The other requires engineering time, money, EPA and DOT re-certification.  The first is easy to recoup the cost since it is on a “small ” per vehicle basis.  The other is on the order of millions of dollars with no hope of ever recouping the expense.  I’m sure we would all love for MINI to offer a diesel powertrain in the USA but it won’t happen if the economics don’t work.

      This has been discussed at quite some length, frequently, since MINI has arrived on these shores.

      • Aaron

        Totally agree. Those crying foul of misuse of resource are fouling themselves. This is a simple custom trim job with basically no engineering efforts. Shuffling some color&trim designers and skilled craftsmen (and women) don’t cost too much nor difficult! and as CraigE said, it can all be recouped by paying customers, and safe to say, it won’t be 99% of us here.  

      • Hoover

        What CraigE said.  “Guest” likes to beat the feasibility drum without considering the economics of scale.

        • Guest

          You can play economy of scale/manufacturing expect until the cow jumps over the moon. You fail to recognize who makes MINI and that if the same maker can produce a Bavarian diesel, it can also produce a British derivative. All your academic hogwash is boring as hell … and what the hell do you get out of it! It doesn’t really matter what you or I say. In the final analysis this forum (in theory, at least) enables all participants to express their opinion — popular or unpopular. I sure than hell am not running for office and could care less what you think. It’s called pluralism dude, get it!

        • Hoover

          This is the last exchange I’ll have with you, as I like to beat the drum of civility on this site that I love.  But really, you need to give this argument a rest.  Did you even read the interview with Vinnie Kung? You say that I fail to recognize who makes MINI.  Ummmm…I don’t think so.  And that same “Bavarian” diesel to which you refer uses…guess what…a urea injection system.  Sorry that my “academic hogwash” is boring–but I rely on reality and cold hard facts before coming to a conclusion.  Am I disappointed that I can’t drive a MINI with a diesel right now?  Yes.  So are many others.  Including the folks at MINI USA and the contributors to this site.  But those who have long-followed the developments on this issue have grown to understand (albeit with frustration) that a small car company like BMW (and yes, it IS a small company comparatively) has to make prudent business decisions.  Gabe has done a great job getting at the heart of the issue–and the interview that I’ve linked to above is the best example of it. I think we are all hoping that we might still see a MINI with a D on the boot come to the U.S.  But if this next generation engine gets even better mileage, I don’t think I would care so much about having a diesel option.  And to clarify–I certainly don’t mind seeing folks with different opinions post on this site.  But I do tire of proclamations of fact that ignore big picture realities.  This issue has already been beaten to death.  I’ll leave it to the trolls to revisit it…and I’ll step off my pedestal and leave you be.  My apologies to the rest of the community for engaging, and hijacking a thread about the Goodwood.

        • Guest

          as I stated already, if the wizards at bmw cannot figure out how to bring a MINI diesel to the US, then outsource the job to VW where engineers have succeeded to enable TDI consumers to enjoy diesel ownership — w/o urea injection — for many years. Whether you agree with all the comments expressed is totally irrelevant as this site is allegedly a marketplace/forum where ideas can be expressed like ’em or not. hopefully it will not become a cesspool of sycophants that seek to blow their horns for self aggrandizement or to serenade the moderator. get off your high horse, dude, and allow everyone to express themselves w/o perjorative bs. remember and live by your own words: “I certainly don’t mind seeing folks with different opinions post on this sight.”

        • Brian

          Gabe, This person disguised as “guest” is Harry Dill again with the same old nonsense. Can we please do something about it?

        • Anonymous

          It’s been sorted. Thanks for pointing it out.

        • Brian

          Thank you. For about 2 days now the comments section randomly doesn’t  load up. Happens in IE 9 and Firefox.

        • Hoover

          Based on the language used, I don’t think it was him. I believe it was someone new to the site.

        • Brian

          I’m positive.

  • steve c.

    52k for the “affordable” mini. I guess if you have the dough-ray-mi then go for it. personally,it’s your own choice. me? I’d rather blow 22 on the base coupe,and with the 30k i saved,get a nice bang and olufsen stereo,an awesome paradise vacation,and 10 on a “winter-beater”, to drive for 3 1/2 months while the snow falls,keeping my coupe toasty in the garage. Of course, i am eagerly awaiting the base price on the roadster (R59), to see if i can swing that. too much,and it’s a used audi tt for me, or a miata, but would sure love the roadster, it is a thing of beauty,with room for stuff !!

    • Aurel

      The ones that will buy this car … THIS will be their winter beater.

      • CraigE

        I think a more apt scenario is to keep this car on your $50,000,00 yacht so that you can pop onto town for a show. That way you can look posh without looking like everyone else with their passe Bentleys, Maybachs and Rollers.

  • Grgramps

    Those who can REALLY afford it won’t question the price.  They are used to spending money for whatever strikes their fancy.  Needless to say, I’m not part of that group, but do enjoy looking at their houses, cars, yachts, airplanes etc.

  • driverphil

    This proves to me that MINI marketing has lost their touch

  • Edge

    It is so silly for any of the traditional MINI faithful to get all in arms over this.  “I could spend that much money on X… and Y…”.  Yeah?  So what?  You fail to understand… THIS MINI WAS NEVER MEANT FOR YOU!  Totally different target audience.  Just chalk it up as an “extra special” and “exclusively limited” version intended for a very narrow market.  That’s why there’s a limited number being made – they KNOW they aren’t going to make much money selling these (in the grand scheme of things).

    This car does one (and only one) important thing for the rest of us – it raises the “status” of the brand as a whole – it speaks of “quality”. That only improves the image, increasing the chance that other people will give MINI (regular MINIs) a second look when they might not otherwise have.

    More customers = stronger brand = more money to put into the things we DO care about, like the Coupe, Speedster… and yes, perhaps one day, a Diesel model here in the USA.

    So – chill!  Treat it like the curiosity it is.  Interesting.  I sure hope I see one one day… just because it would be such a rarity.  Rarer than a GP, for example.

    • Brian

      Agree, not for everybody, plus… any car that gets upgraded by Rolls is a keeper.

  • Hoover

    I just want to sit in one, and smell and touch all that luxury. Then I’ll hop back into my base, sub $19K Cooper, and drive the heck out of it with a big smile on my face. I’ve only seen pictures with the auto tranny.  Anyone know if you would be able to get this with a manual?

    • CraigE

      Manual transmission is an option.

  • I like it. Reminds me of the Radford Minis of the 60s. If I were a modern-day Beatle, it’d be my ride.

    • JonPD

      Same thing that I was thinking Doug. While I would never shoot for something that was built for luxury only I have no doubt that they will easily sell each and every one of them with no issues.

  • Dr Obnxs

    I think the New York Times said it best:

    The lauch of the 2 seater is diluted by the distraction of the “inspired by Goodwood”. As far as raising the status of the brand? I’m not too sure about that. If one does a very expensive waste of time, that doesn’t raise the status of the brand, it more points out the foolishness of the marketing. All this hype for 140 cars in the US, with no continuity of market (there is a HUGE gap between those that will buy the Goodwood, and those that buy MINIs), seems to be a marketing effort without merit.

    In two years, when the novelty is gone, I wonder what these will command on the used market… I’m sure the prices will drop like a stone, and one will be able to have one for little, if any, premium over the more standard fare.

  • Ellis

    Just launched only 3 units here in HK and 1 was immediately sold within an hour! Price is including tax is HK$600,000 or around US$77,000! I guess it’s a bargain to get one at MINI of Chicago 🙂