MINI’s US Sales Down 30% Due to Lack of Inventory

MINI USA reported sales of 3,109 automobiles in August – down 29.7% from the 4,425 sold in August, 2010. However according to MINI USA, the issue lies with lack of product rather than product not selling.

“Lack of inventory slowed MINI sales in August due to our annual model year change over in July,” said Jim McDowell, Vice President – MINI USA. “MINI has been fortunate to maintain a tight supply of inventory and many customers submitted specifications for custom MINIs in August so we are confident this will be reflected in September and October sales continuing our momentum this year.”

Year-to-date, MINI sales in the U.S. are up 26.7% on volume of 37,636 compared to 29,704 in the first eight months of 2010.

  • Ouch. Can’t sell what you don’t have. 

    • Hoover

      No kidding.  My dealer is down to 30.  No JCWs. But this is interesting:  7 out of the 30 are automatics–the rest are manuals!  

  • Dubiousmit

    Ya the dealer here only has 12 cars right now!

  • CV

    I was at my dealer yesterday, and they were sold out. Just a handful of used MINIs on the lot!