MF Poll: MINI Roadster vs the Coupe

Two years ago we asked you a simple question. Roadster or Coupe? At the time they were just concepts. But that didn’t stop opinion from being incredibly divided. And when we say divided we mean not only were there strong opinions but it was split down the middle exactly 50/50. In fact well after over 1,000 of you voted there was only 10 votes separating the two.

So now that both cars have been shown in full production form, we wanted to revisit the question and see if opinions have changed.

MINI Roadster or MINI Coupe: Which One Would You Have?

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  • Anonymous

    I’d like to say that I love the Coupe…but I just can’t. The Coupe – in most respects – is an amazing little car, but startling lack of balance between the roof and the rest of the car just kills it for me. It’s kinda like two different committees that fought constantly and finally ran out of time, so they smushed what they had together and called it a car. The designer in me is crying silently.

    The Roadster, on the other hand, takes the current Convertible as a starting point and refines it even more. Boot’s a bit on the big side, but otherwise, job well done boys! 

    You can guess which way I voted 😉

  • Dave

    How else could they have formed the roof to supply both the visibility and accomodate the rake of the windshield Jim ?

    IMO these photos do not do this Coupe any justice.  And after having seen them up close and personal I applaud the design.

    Make mine a JCW please…..

  • Artguy

    I ordered my coupe last July. It arrived 2 weeks ago. It is by far the most fun I have ever had owning a MINI (this is number 5) or for that fact any car. You have to see it in person, sit in it, and drive it to fully appreciate the whole package. it’s quiet (except for the engine and exhaust 🙂 and when you step on the gas, it just goes!!!

    I was able to purchase a white silver coupe with a silver roof, and seeing the roof appear to have no rear support just looks cool. Not to mention the HUGE grin you get when the spoiler rises up at 50mph!

    So coupe nay-sayers – don’t knock it until you try it!!!!

  • R56JCW

    I voted for the Roadster purely on aesthetics . If we break it down, from a practical standpoint, I’d go with a coupe living in Chicago.

    With that being said, I’ve seen the Coupe up close and personal and there’s just something about the roof’s design that leaves me saying..almost guys, but not enough to say I won’t drive one or own one.

    Two different vehicles for two different markets.

    • I agree!  But I hope that the roadster’s top is easier to operate than the one on my ’74 MG!

  • Hemisedan

    The coupe looks much better in person. Especially with JCW trim. I was able to see both, the S version and the JCW. What surprised me was that my wife really like the coupe.

  • KPH

    Didn’t vote as both of these are out of my district. Esthetically the Roadster comes with literally no design controversy, looks to be the most tossable of all MINI’s and, if you are a soft top person, irresistible. How about some Cooper shots? The JCW kit makes any MINI look it’s best, imho, but with these two cars the Cooper model is no wall flower either. Just my prejudice.

  • Depends what time of year!

  • I love them both!  And with all of the custom MINI options, I imagine we will have a choice eventually.  Perhaps I will take one of each!

  • JonPD

    Not suprised by the Roadster leading. Think a “new” car against one that has been out for a short while would normally win. They both are good looking cars

  • goat

    The convertible is sleeker and appears more “bespoke”, especially with the lovely forward-angled twin roll hoops. However, this is not a fair visual comparison and I believe people are voting based on what they see before them.  The pictured coupe’s wheels, colour combo, and 4×4 stance are all things that can and should be changed. In comparison, the roadster wears the better JCW wheels, the JCW bodykit, appears to sit at a nicer ride height, and is in a far more flattering colour scheme. 

    Yet, knowing all that, and having greatly enjoyed the coupe in person and in test drives, the roadster is still the more visually appealing car.  🙂 

  • Bob Lavoie

    As much as I like the looks of the Roadster (maybe more than the Coupe), I opted for the JCW Coupe which is more ‘practical’ for me if that word can be used for a 2 seater. Down here in the hot & sticky Sunshine State having the windows up with the AC on is the way to go most of the time. I ordered my JCW Coupe way back in July, traded in my ’08 MCS hatch & took delivery last week. Went for the metallic spice orange.with black roof & alloys…carbon fiber hood scoop & rear deck handle as well as Xenon & blacked out headlight housings. Have already blacked out the waist line. The black roof doesn’t detract from the rest of the car per the rear roof spoiler. More than once people have asked me if it was a removeable hartop. Due to the very limited visibility via the rear window, I’d recommmend the optional park distance control for those that are considering the Coupe. The Harmon/Karden sounds great in the smaller interior.  

  • The Roadster looks like it might have a sconch more headroom than the Coupe.  And maybe it  that huge blind spot won’t be as much of a problem.  The wee window in the back of the Coupe teases you with visibility.  I need the headroom.