MINI Launches MINI Yours in UK

MINI has been slowly revealing bits and pieces of the MINI Yours program over the past few months, and now they’re rolling out the full program in the UK. With special editions such as the Hampton, Soho, London and including the MINI Inspired by Goodwood (the Rolls Royce MINI), the program also features an assortment of standalone options that any owners can order for their Hardtop, Coupé, Convertible or Clubman. MINI Yours for the Countryman will debut in 2012. Full details and gallery after the break.

[Official Release] By offering a huge range of style, comfort, convenience and technology options, MINI has always been ahead of the pack at encouraging owners to personalise their cars. Now the British brand is taking this unique appeal and innovation to a new level of sophistication with the launch of a stunning collection of premium options, called MINI Yours.

MINI Yours is pure differentiation by design, a vast catalogue of exclusive and design-led exterior paints, tattoos, interior trims and upholsteries that are completely new to MINI. It will ensure a bespoke and truly stand-out result for every owner.

Walking into a MINI showroom, any customer can still personalise their purchase from the much-loved and comprehensive list of options. MINI Yours operates at the next level, turning the fun of deciding how your car is finished into an art form. Buyers can select a MINI limited edition such as the MINI Inspired by Goodwood, MINI Soho, Clubman Hampton or the recently announced London 2012 edition. These have all now been integrated into the MINI Yours programme.

And for a genuinely bespoke design, customers can select as much or as little as they like from the extensive range of exclusive MINI Yours options.

“The introduction of MINI Yours underlines MINI’s reputation as the benchmark car brand in customisation. The sheer number of options available through MINI Yours means customers can tailor-make their MINI using exclusive colours, designs and materials like never before; creating a MINI like no other on the road,” said Jochen Goller, Director of MINI UK.

In addition, MINI will lend a helping hand to that process by creating a number of special MINI Yours packages. To celebrate the programme’s UK launch, the first of these is the MINI Avenue.

The MINI Avenue package is available with either Highclass Grey or Laguna Green metallic paint. Both feature an identical interior with an exclusive ‘Soda’ repeating design motif.

The car’s standard spec includes Satellite Grey Soda Lounge leather with matching black floor mats, Bi-colour Sport leather steering wheel with multi-function controls, Soda mirror caps and special effect white bonnet stripes. The vehicle runs on 17-inch twin-blade spoke alloy wheels.

The price of the exclusive MINI Avenue package is £4,880 on a MINI One or One D, Hatch, Convertible or Clubman, which means a MINI One D Avenue would cost £19,360 OTR. “The MINI Avenue package has a sophisticated, classy character,” explained Jochen Goller. “in the future MINI Yours packages will include all sorts of characters; from performance-oriented and masculine designs to really distinctive standout styles. This will make finding two same MINIs on the road even harder!”

Tantalisingly, he hinted at even greater levels of MINI customisation in the future. “MINI Yours is an exciting and innovative development for the brand, but it’s just one more step on the journey. It’s not the end. There is far more to come from MINI.”

MINI Yours Gallery

  • MINImofo

    That leather is hideous……

  • RB

    Haven’t been here in a while, there has been lots of fun stuff going on in the MINI world. 

    I wonder wasn’t there some sort of a USED MINI plan called something like this?

    I have to agree with MINImofo the leather treatment is a tad Liberace.

  • SFRedMCc

    Does anyone know the current ratio of how many people still custom order their MINI’s vs. just buy them off the lot?  

    Also does MINI still have the program where you can track your car from production to shipping and delivery?

    • I don’t know any exact numbers, but the ratio has definitely gone down, but it varies from locale to locale.

      To answer your second question, yes, there is still a production and shipping tracker for new owners who order their cars. A guy here locally just bought a Countryman to spec and tracked it from start to finish.

  • SFRedMCc

    Does anyone know the current ratio of how many people still custom order their MINI’s vs. just buy them off the lot?  

    Also does MINI still have the program where you can track your car from production to shipping and delivery?

  • RakSiam

    The tracking process is pretty sophisticated depending on which company’s boat you end up on. The MINI Owner’s Lounge data isn’t the most up to date all the time, but a pretty good breakdown. My Coupe currently shows as “scheduled for production” there. According to the MA I am actually scheduled for production this week so it may be underway already. But the next step in the data is “awaiting transport” so it doesn’t really show where you car is in the production pipeline. But I think you can call them and find out. One of the shipping companies has GPS tracking if your car gets on one of their boats. So you can fret about it all the way across the Atlantic.

    I ordered the MINI Yours dash and doors rings which is called “soda” for a reason that escapes me. It looks like a matte black textured finish with the design pictured here in those bonnet stripes.

  • Anonymous

    If VW does this with their new UP subcompact would it be the “UP Yours”?

  • Mark @ MINI of the Main Line

    The MINI Soda dash is pretty impressive. We have one in the showroom at my dealership, and it certainly draws a lot of attention. I think for the right person, it’s awesome. Not everybody is willing to spend the extra cash for it, but it’s cool that it’s offered.

  • Dr Obnxs

    I’m underwhelmed. There is nothing “bespoke” about something you can order from a catalog. And I really, really, really hate the abuse of the term. But I do understand the marketing of the concept: Get people to pay a premium for what are really bits and pieces out of an order book. If it gets people into the cars, and they’re happy with thier purchase, and the brand is a bit more profitable, more power to them all. But “bespoke”? Then I guess my 02 MCS is bespoke because I checked off a bunch of boxes on the order form…

  • Davidhunternyc

    Please, Mini, when are you finally going to banish the cheap silver spray painted plastic interior fittings? For starters, you can look to your very own Goodwood inspired Rolls Royce edition Mini Cooper as an example. Rolls Royce even painted the cheap looking silver speedometer needle a more appropriate black. Details. Details. Details. Heres hoping that Mini Yours will live up to its potential.