MINI Phasing Out Multiple Options & Colors

With MINI adding the Recaro seating option along with the Roadster to the production line at Oxford, we’ll be seeing availability of some options ending with March production. Specifically Laguna Green (just introduced in September) and Laser Blue will be ending production. In addition Hot Chocolate will become unavailable on the convertible. But colors are just the start.

MINI will be phasing out the venerable Web Spoke wheels except for the newer black and polished lip combination that came out a couple of years ago. Also going away will be the Pace spokes which are the standard 17″ wheel that comes on the Clubman with the sport package (in the US). They’re also one of our favorite 17″ wheels MINI has ever produced. In fact, aside of the JCW Challenge spokes, we can’t think of a wheel we’d hate to see go more.

Finally MINI will be ending production of the rarely chosen Hot Chocolate top on the R57 Convertible. Not surprising since Hot Chocolate as an exterior paint color will be going away at the same time.

  • Cuttubus

    Why did Laguna green have such a short life span? Here at the dealership we’ve only received one so far!

    • Drk Knt

      It was only meant to be a limited color when it was released by MINI. I believe I read 4 or 5 months a while back. Our dealer has had 3 Laguna green cars and only one left.  I also believe I read somewhere that there will be new colors to replace Laguna green and Laser blue.

      • Lee L

        New colors or more metallic grey “shades”? 😉

        • James Gaston

          Agreed. I’d like to see a moratorium on grey, Almost every car on the road is in the black-grey-silver-white spectrum. Boring. 

        • minipuma

          on the plus side, a grey car goes with any color of tie.

        • Rbminiman

          MINI owners don’t wear ties.

  • Anonymous

    Not the Pace Spokes!

  • Melissa

    Guess my Laser Blue Clubby with Pace Spokes will be a treasure =D  I love the wheels, they look sharp (especially on the Clubman), they’re very easy to clean, and simple yet make a statement.  And Laser Blue…ahh, nothing better than a LzB with a good coat of Carnauba wax on it..deep blue, yet really pops.  Sad to see these all go.  Seems to come right alongside the recent downsizing of selection of packages since they’ve been combing a lot of them.  Although, more great wheels/colors will come I’m sure!

    • IowaM1N1

       Your Laser Blue clubby with Pace Spokes and my Laser Blue R65S with Web Spokes — two very beautiful cars never to be seen again.  🙁 

  • Mike

    How about bringing back Silk Green?

    • Cuttubus

      Can’t say I’ve ever been a fan of Silk green, I actually prefer Laguna. Will they be chopping Highclass Gray as well?

      • minipuma

        I just saw Highclass Gray (Grey?) for the first time a couple of days ago — a gorgeous color.

  • Aurel

    Strange thing about the Pace Spokes is that I saw them a lot the first year the Clubman was released and rarely since.

  • Anonymous

    “Also going away will be the Pace spokes … one of our favorite 17? wheels MINI has ever produced.”

    Pace Spoke fan here, too.

  • KPH

    So many colors had little impression on me till seen live in the real world. Silk Green was one and would welcome it back too. Ala carte selection is one of the many features of the brand that set it apart and keeps the cost down to the consumer. Pays off though doesn’t it? (keep checking those boxes folks!)

  • that.guy

    I am fine with all this.  As long as the JCW Countryman gets an N20…

  • Dusty

    Sad to see Laser Blue going away.  MINI has so few nice colors and that was my favorite.  Been wanting a new Countryman, though I’m not crazy about any of the colors.  Cosmic Blue is okay. 

  • Aw, Laser Blue is getting tossed? That rots. No nice bright “you can’t miss me” blue in the lineup anymore. It was a worthy successor to the awesome Electric Blue.

    • alicecoopers

      I beg to differ .I have a new kite blue Cooper S hardtop that was supposedly exclusive to the Bayswater 2012 edition-but they lied and are adding it as an optional color to the JCWs.

  • jason

    Bring back VR and all will be forgiven.  

  • MINImofo

    I would like to see a really nice yellow back in the line up. Not blah “Bright yellow” they have on the Coountryman either but something kind of like the Mellow Yellows they had…..

    • minipuma

      Mellow Yellow was a great color, I smile every time I see one on the road.

  • minipuma

    I’m bummed to see the Web Spokes going away — my favorite MINI wheels without doubt.  The Pace Spokes don’t do it for me, but I guess everybody gets something to be sad about in this news, regardless of your taste.

    Laser Blue has never rocked my world either — kind of a neither-here-nor-there shade of blue, but if they don’t replace it with another bright color, the MINI palette is becoming alarmingly muted.  (In fact it’s been alarmingly muted IMO since they got rid of Mellow Yellow, so we need a new adjective — terrifyingly muted, perhaps?)

  • Rbminiman

    MINI did the same thing with Solar Red (10/05-04/06).

  • Anonymous

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  • Quincie J.

    I have a laguna green coupe, everywhere I go, people take pictures of it. Black top but no stripe. It’s a sweet color!!

    • IowaM1N1

      The KC dealer had a Laguna Green/White R56S in the showroom recently.  What an awesome combination.  If I were ordering new I certainly would have considered it.  Beautiful. 

  • Changamama

    So when are they going to REVEAL the actual colors. The names are really really nice, don’t get me wrong but I’m not picking a color out based on the name.