Exclusive: MINI Paceman Production & Model Info

The MINI Paceman is coming and it’s going to hit dealer lots late next year. That is according to our sources we have also spilled some details on the model mix and AWD offerings for the car.

Production is intended to start in November 2012 and run though late 2018. However what’s interesting is that MINI is planning on launching the car Cooper All4 trim to go along with the standard model mix. That would give the Paceman the following line-up

  • Cooper
  • Cooper All4
  • Cooper D
  • Cooper D All4
  • Cooper S
  • Cooper S All4
  • Cooper SD
  • Cooper SD All4

In addition to this we also expect MINI to release a full factory JCW Paceman with the revamped variable valve timed N18 JCW engine with up to 220 hp.

Then there are the rumors of a MINI hybrid which we believe will manifest itself in the Countryman and Paceman models sometime after 2012.

The Paceman’s styling will also be revamped from last year’s concept vehicle. However the rumors revised headlights strike us as odd given the costs that go into the tooling of such a change (especially considering the cost of borrowing the Countryman’s is zero). However the rumor is that the Paceman will lose the Countryman derived headlights and in their place headlights that are pushed further in-ward similar to the Rocketman concept that previews the 3rd generation MINI.

Perhaps the biggest change to the concept will be the addition of two rear-hinged club-doors that make the R61 a true five door similar to the Countryman. Inside space will be almost identical to the Countryman with the exception of the rear cargo area height.

Finally look for a name change to the Paceman in time for it’s official unvieling and a loosely disguised concept in Detroit.

  • Brian

    Very good looking car.

  • Aurel

    I am really interested in this … however ONLY if it will have the next gen hatch based dash/interior. It will i assume/hope?!?!?

    • It will have the Countryman interior.

      • Aurel

        i thought the coupe/roadster are the last of the 2nd gen based vehicles?!?!  ok, I guess bring on the next gen Clubman then … i’ll pass on this.

        • Yes they are the last of the R5x generation. The Countryman and Paceman are on another platform.

        • Nick Dawson

          Strictly speaking, the platform origins of R60 are related to R56. Whereas the Clubman R55 sits on a re-engineered R56 platform, R60 is a heavily re-engineered R55 platform. BMW said that so much re-engineering went into producing the R60 that it could ‘almost’ be considered a new platform. However, the cost of developing a completely new platform for R60/61, could never be justified for such a relatively small production run.

        • Aurel

          Thanks Nick … I am more concerned about the interior features. I am sure the new Fxx will bring a lot of new goodies and feels strange that a 2013 model going all the way into 2018 will have a dash layout that’s basically from something that started in 2007. Would have been great to have an “all new” model in AND out!

        • Yes of course they’re related – we’ve been reporting that for many years. A quick look underneath proves that. But strictly speaking the original R5X platform ends with the Coupe and Roadster production. The R60/61 is on a different path. 

        • Aurel

          Thanks Gabe … again I am speaking about the interior and specifically anything/everything dash related. The R60 is pretty much an R56 to me visually.

        • Yes they are the last of the R5x generation. The Countryman and Paceman are on another platform.

  • David

    I am still confused what this model offers that cannot be found in the current lineup. Will this trigger the phase out of other model(s) such as the Clubman for example?  Now that I think about it, seems like a good option to the Countryman, if for instance the user lives in a city and say parks on the street?

    • Warrencheswick

      yeah i’m with you David. Not quite sure why they need this model in the lineup unless it’s to replace the clubman.

      • It’s a crossover where the Clubman is a wagon. It has more interior volume and sits higher (w/optional AWD). For a refresher check out the R61 section.

  • otter

    It seems that a lot of people aren’t fond the MINI interior theme in general.  In my opinion the current R56 resolves any style/function niggles I ever had and it has become rather appealing; so, I found it to be rather odd that MINI chose to use many of the least appealing elements of the R56 interior in the Countryman.  I was hoping that the Paceman would do for its interior what the concept has (for the time being) done for the exterior.  It is disappointing to hear that the Mickey Mouse head speedo will extend its silliness to the Paceman.  May fear it that beauty of the concept will be lost by the time the production model arrives.  Things like a Countryman interior, a new and likely less appealing name, and suicide doors make me a quite nervous about a vehicle I have been eagerly waiting for; but then again, it may come out of the oven with all of the appeal of the concept.  Cross your fingers. 

  • Steven

    I just have a question to clarify, you are saying production is intended to start Nov. 2011 but the car only being available late next year which is it?

  • mike

    Is the wheelbase shorter than the Countryman? This car will sell very well. Though its larger than a mini, it seems to be one of the smallest vehicles out to offer AWD. The Clubman would be more interesting if they offered AWD, and thats the only way I could justify going larger.

  • diesel

    Can I get a diesel in the US yet?  Or should I just give up that hope?

    • Dr Obnxs

      Give it up.

  • diesel

    Can I get a diesel in the US yet?  Or should I just give up that hope?

  • jeff

    can you elaborate on the differences in the rear cargo area?

    are you referring to the passenger space of the trunk space?

    • The slope of the roof allows for slightly less height.

      • jeff

        ah, of course.  when i read that the first time i thought of load height of the floor for some reason, rather than overall height of the roof.  thanks.

    • Nick Dawson

      The roof line, especially at the rear, is lower and the rear window is less upright than on the Countryman. However, passenger space for four will still be as generous as in the Countryman.

  • that.guy

    “In addition to this we also expect MINI to release a full factory JCW Paceman with the revamped variable valve timed N18 JCW engine with up to 220 hp.”

    But the JCW Countryman will get the N20.   Right? 

  • The colour combination of the Paceman concept is simple stunning. Please Mr MINI can we have it across the range?

  • SFRedMCc

    Nice looking & well proportioned.  Kind of a scaled-down version of the Range Rover Evoque; which is the best looking Rover to date.  

  • Chris Underwood

    Interested in seeing it in person…  Hard to get an idea of scale from the pics.  Like that it looks like a hatch (just scaled up), and love that they’re putting club doors on both sides (really my only gripe about my Clubman).  Don’t like that it’s going to have the Countryman interior – I still find the center rail horribly unattractive – doesn’t have a very “clean” look to it, too gimmicky (even for a MINI).

    • Hoover

      I like the idea of the club doors for practicality, but I am guessing that those additional cut lines will hurt the clean design that I like in this concept.  So interested to see this and the next gen Clubman. The R55 has grown on me, but I am hoping that the F55 tidies things up a bit.  My guess is that the wife will still prefer the R60 for our CR-V replacement, but I might go for the F55 when it comes time to move on from my R56.  I know that it, too, will have the dual club doors. I’m not a big fan of the rail, but I honestly didn’t pay much attention to it when I sat in the R60.

  • Hoover

    Just hoping that they use metal instead of tape for the beltline trim in this model…(probably not likely, but you never know).

  • veggivet

    This just might be the MINI that I feel OK driving through the winter. Although I too wish the interior was redesigned with a smaller speedo and no rail, I will accept those for the ability to order a Justa with AWD. 

  • Hemisedan

    I’ve liked the concept of this car from the beginning.  A little bigger, a bit more comfort but still has the Mini feel.  I’ll probably have to wait for the JCW or WRC model, but I think that I’ll still stay with the front drive.  Still have to wait till the actual Pacman, yes I have always called it that, to the dismay of the Mini dealer.

  • Qwika

    Any idea what the target price is for this?

  • Hemisedan

    With the 3000+ on this vehicle, I would like to see a 1.8-2.0 engine size. That would bring up the power to really utilize the all wheel type of drive. It would also help the power with the automatic transmission cars. Let’s forget the hybrid bit. Because if you drive these things right, you can get the same type of mileage.

  • KPH

    AWD Cooper Paceman? Is the difference in weight just enough to make 121hp sufficient compared to the Countryman?  It’s good news if we get here.

  • Herr26

    Think of the Paceman as MINI’s equivalent to the BMW X6. No matter what you think of the X6 – The car and indeed the Sport Activity Coupe Concept has been successful. The Paceman Production Preview Concept is scheduled for launch in Geneva ( MINI Roadster debuts at Detroit) followed by a production model in Paris later in 2012.

    The Two other BMW brands MINI and Rolls-Royce will be debuting new “preview”production models in March @ Geneva – The Paceman and the 201EX aka Ghost based DropHead Coupe.

    It is a very good looking car , very youthful and very MINI. But stay tuned within the next few weeks as the car will begin to test in public allbeit in typical BMW swirl camouflage.

  • MiniMonger

    This is so close to the Countryman.  I don’t really see the point of producing this unless they fixed the vague manual shifter found in the All4 Countryman.

  • It looks great! I have to have it!


    Dear Mini,

    Please don’t you dare call this the Mini Cooper Countryman Clubman… that is just too much!

    Also please bring whatever you show at Detroit (Paceman or Roadster or whatever) to Chicago.  You know the third largest city in the US? Located on a lake? A very windy city? Ring any bells?  You do have 5 dealerships here now!

    Each of the last 3 years we have missed on either the latest models or concepts.

    Signed – 2 time MINI owner in Chicago