MINI Releases Driving Excitement app for MINI Connected

Just what we’ve been waiting for. One of the best things about MINI Connected is the easy of updating the software with new features. Luckily it looks as if those features aren’t all going to revolve around social media and games. Enter the Driving Excitement App. The app allows drivers to see the following:

  • Lateral Gs
  • Acceleration
  • Coolant temp (finally!)
  • Engine output
  • RPM
  • Torque output

This update will come in the form of an updated app for iOS (yes it works on the iPhone but also the iPod Touch and iPad) in the coming days. Android users are out of luck for the foreseeable future.

Read on for details and the full gallery.

Official Release: What degree of lateral acceleration are you experiencing mid-way around a quickly-taken corner? How much output is the engine currently producing? The latest version of the MINI Connected app answers these questions and more. The functions Condition Check, Force Meter and Digital Sports Instruments offer Apple iPhone owners unique ways to experience MINI driving fun in even greater depth. For example, the driver can find information on the status of the car and its surroundings, plus acceleration, coolant temperature, engine output, and rpm and/or torque on the on-board monitor’s high-resolution colour display. The new MINI Connected app underlines once again the leading role of the British premium small car manufacturer in the intelligent link-up of the driver, car and outside world.

Like the preceding versions of the MINI Connected app, the latest update is uploaded into the car via the iPhone. The MINI Connected app can be used in all current MINI models equipped with the radio MINI Visual Boost or MINI navigation system and MINI Connected option. The functions are operated using the MINI joystick, steering wheel buttons and on-board monitor, where the displays for each function are presented safely and with customary MINI flair.

The Condition Check function keeps an eye on – among other things – the engine temperature, fuel level, status of the optional Sport Button, outside temperature and signs of rain. Should conditions allow, the display in the on-board monitor proudly declares everything “BE MINI”.

The Force Meter, meanwhile, presents a new and unique visual showcase for the hallmark MINI go-kart feeling. This function measures and records the longitudinal and lateral acceleration generated over a pre-defined timeframe when pushing on and braking, and through right and left-hand corners. The on-board monitor uses a virtual MINI to show the direction in which the forces are developing at any particular moment. The strength of the acceleration forces is displayed within a circle, with various segments illuminating to reflect the driver’s responses at the wheel.

The Digital Sports Instruments turn the on-board monitor into an attractive extension of the standard cockpit dials, presenting vehicle data graphics in typical MINI style. In the centre of the virtual instrument the driver will find the coolant temperature gauge, while to the left the engine output currently being requested by his right foot is shown in the form of a bar chart and concrete figures. Displayed in the same form on the right of the temperature gauge is the engine’s current rpm or torque, according to driver preference. The output and revs/torque data are presented in drag indicator mode so that the maximum values achieved remain visible in the display for a short time after the driver has taken his foot off the gas. The driver can choose to have output shown in either kW or hp. The MINI Connected app for the iPhone also includes a detailed tutorial outlining the fundamentals of skilled, sporty and, above all, safe driving.

The new functions of the MINI Connected app can be activated via a new mode selection route. The focus in Excitement mode centres on the driver and his MINI, with the aim of injecting as much go-kart feeling as possible into the driving experience. When the audio function is activated, the driver can make the choice between web radio and Mission Control/Dynamic Music. All other functions are deactivated in this mode, but can still be accessed by switching to MINIMALISM/Infotainment mode.

The new MINI Connected app is the latest example of innovative infotainment technology designed to enhance the enjoyment of driving. MINI Connected takes the in-car integration of telecommunications, entertainment and online functions offered by the latest smartphones into a new dimension, and uses intelligent networking technology to create a scope of in-car infotainment functionality unmatched in the automotive world. The existing range of MINI Connected functions, which can be activated in the usual way in MINIMALISM/Infotainment mode, include a web radio function, in-car use of Facebook and Twitter, reception of RSS news feeds, use of Google services, the Mission Control and Dynamic Music functions, and the MINIMALISM Analyser. With each new app update, MINI Connected offers customers the option of integrating new services and functions into their car. The uniquely future-proof MINI Connected technology therefore gives customers the reassurance that they will continue to benefit from fresh entertainment, communications, navigation and information innovations as they become available.

  • Anonymous

    Great, now where is the android version!?

    • none for us. But look into the app called Torque for android and the OBD bluetooth adapter on amazon for $22; search Soliport ELM 327.I have it and it works great.

  • Chimera

    Wow, worth adding the $2000 Connected option just for this alone.  I was undecided on Connected but this pushed me off the fence.  Great news.

  • Cinimin

    Do I need the IPhone just to load the app or to operate it once it is loaded?  I have MINI Connected but no plans to by an iAnything. 

    • Sorry, The capability to run the app resides in the iPhone.

  • TG

    MINI Connected makes me want to trade my 2009 MINI with Nav.

  • dez

    is it possible to just use the app on your iphone plugged into the USB with out the mini connected option in your car

    • Sadly no. It is my belief that the app is not the sole control of the app. The information on the screen is likely derived from the car and thus not able to be displayed on the phones screen.

      • dez

        yeah that makes sense… just wishful thinking… this upgrade makes me wish i had splurged.  pretty cool!

  • GInvent


    • Paul G Deacon

      app is actually pretty cool

       – Its very nice to finally have a temp gauge!! – would have been nice during my thermstat failure to see what was going oncouple of niggles  – like mission control it disables all the other useful aps such as google search and send to car – no idea why they would conflictand whats with the primary colors – its screams for some reds and yellows when you get into the interesting bits of the power curveVery curious to see how accurate the bhp/torque readings are – I saw 192 during my brief trip – wonder if it tops out at stock numbers and if it might be useful as a mod tool to gauge bolt goodies effectiveness

  • Really great, curious when it will be available for Android. Regardless though, it shows that BMW/MINI is pushing for the innovative. 

  • Thanks but too late MINI for most of us. I’ll continue using my Torque App for Android and having all of the functions and more (ahem Boost) for at most $35.

  • Considering what Nissan did with Polyphony Digital for the GT-R’s displays, the potential is rather cool…

  • Blake mayerle

    For all the, “where is the Android version,” comments, When Google sees the value in this then they will assist BMW/MINI with the development.  That  is a MAJOR difference between Apple and the rest.  They are proactive and innovate, Google/Android just play catch-up. 

    For those who purchased a MINI with Connected and will never own an iOS device, I hope it was worth spending the 2K on something that can’t even connect to anything.  I hope you have your car for a long time so you will someday be able to get the Android version.

  • Dr Obnxs

    I’ve never bought the “we need Google to step up” for this stuff. Pretty much every other company that want’s to open thier system just publishes an API, and those that want to code to it do it. MINI could do the same, and leave all the hassles of what data goes where and how to those that want to make an app for any device. Heck, with that API alone, the CARPC guys would have a field day and really show what could be done with some connectivty.

    What is interesting here is that the iPhone is just being a screen selector, as I’m guessing all the G information is coming from the DSC sensors, speed and rpm from the ECU, HP and torque are just math from those. So really, this screen COULD be built into any nav based system as just one of the screens to display. In fact, having it be bundled with the MINI connected is a very interesting choice, (this is a polite way of saying “really dumb”) as it’s a nice feature that could be offered to anyone with a nav system independent of the phone in the drivers pocket. From a marketing perspective, it’s a bad choice as the value of the information is only available to those with an iPhone….

    • Anonymous

      This is a test bed for something more…

      As for the Android argument, it is not as simple as an API (as I was explained)- the head units don’t have the ability to talk to to the Android OS, can they be updated- yeah its possible but not easy and cost effective. Head Units coming in 2013 (BMWi and others) will be designed with the now permanent Android protocols built in (being open left certain protocols to differ but now they are standardized). How many years did it take for printers to work with MAC OSX and Windows (whatever)? Same idea here- peripherals.

      BMW/MINI is also not going to open their proprietary systems up, whole lot of liability there and money in development. I am not trying to be a computer guy here, that’s not what I do so forgive me- the lead engineer I talked with at BMW had an Android phone- if anyone would have worked on getting his phone to do something with his car (even on his free time) he would have done it- and needless to say his phone was a paperweight while the company iPhone did the lifting. 

      • Stephen

        Try this device.  Works for Android, i-Phone or they have stand alone devices.  Mine is an i-Phone setup and it gives everything except Oil Pressure 🙁

    • b-

      Could this be built into the factory NAV, of course it could! Here is why it is not. Software upgrades. How much would MINI spend upgrading software? Countless service hours upgrading software would cost $$$, Whould you as a customer want to pay this? No. The iPhone is the software delivery device. Write the app, upload it to the app store and the customer upgrades themselves! You pay the software team but leave the service team out, this is how you save money and deliver an excellent user experience.

  • No we wait for MINI to make the Sirius interface actually make sense.  We picked up our ’12 CTMS All4 last night and immediately noticed that you cannot select your Sirius presets with the arrow buttons unless you’re on the preset page…stupid…should be able to do that from any screen

  • LeeF

    Android users are NOT out of luck. I bought an iPod, tethered it to my Android, and have full functionality of all the MINI Connected apps – plus the full Bluetooth functionality directly through my Android Galaxy S3. It may in fact be a better solution to the iPhone, since the iPod is dedicated to the car, meaning I don’t have to snap anything together or mess with cords. Everything connects up wirelessly as soon as I step in the car.