MINI Takes the States 2012 Confirmed

In an email this week, MINIUSA officially announced MINI Takes the States 2012.

Here’s a bold New Year’s resolution: attend the biggest MINI road rally in America. It’s called MINI TAKES THE STATES and it’s back again in 2012. More details will be available in late January, but we’ve been getting lots of questions about it so we wanted to let everyone know that we are indeed gearing up for another one of our epic cross-country road rallies. To get an idea of what MTTS is all about, picture a caravan of MINIs stretched as far as the eye can see, with food, music & miles of motoring fun. Or, just check out the highlights from 2010.

We are expecting to have more details, including the date, sometime in mid-January. Stay tuned!

  • Goonery

    Please make it May-June as we will be in the vicinity

  • IowaM1N1

    I see my car in the photo.  This was Red Rocks parking lot at the end of MTTS 2010. 

    • AlexM

      I see my car too!

    • Jim Carman

      Mine didn’t make the above photo, but I was there.

    • I seen mine too! What a fun trip. I’m saving up vacation days for 2012. Dragon is going to be epic and we’re planning on MTTS too.

  • Anonymous

    Is it in Denver again? Would love to know the location nice and early this year so I can plan the 3 day drive.

  • Please be in California 

  • Luther

    Don’t have it during or adjacent to other major Mini events and stick to some back roads, Interstate we can do anytime. 

    • Anonymous

      I agree Luther.  Please don’t have MTTS too close to the dates of MU2012!

  • Kazlot

    Celebrating 10 years in the USA…..


    It promises to be a blast.

    Coast to coast like 2006.

    Perhaps 12 to 15 days.


    Count me in!