Queens Guards Open MINI Brand Store in Amsterdam

In a cheeky ceremony paying homage to England’s iconic changing of the guard, MINI recently handed over the key to the new retail shop to Jan-Christiaan Koenders and Chris Collet, The Netherlands’ BMW and MINI Group Directors respectively. The store opens to the public this Saturday and features a full breadth of items from MINI’s lifestyle accessories catalog. Unlike the traditional Queen’s Guard, these fuzzy-hatted soldiers were all smiles.

It’s not a dealership, but rather an embassy for motoring. MINI is the first and only automaker to open a brand store in the Netherlands, featuring merchandise well rooted in the brand’s iconic British roots. With both car accessories and lifestyle items on the shop floor, visitors can even configure the MINI of their liking on a big screen inside. This first store in Amsterdam is a pilot store for shops that could open up around the world. Will a MINI brand store make its way into the Mall of America any time soon? Probably not.

[Source: MINI]
  • JbkONE

    Reason enough to travel?  Hmmm….

  • JD

    Looks like the location is Dam square.

  • RB

    I read about this while I was in The Netherlands a month or so back. I wish it had been open back then as the dealer in my area has a lame selection of goods.

  • RB

    Hum, I wonder if you can order a MINI there via MINI.com? I also wonder if the store is near the Hard rock?

    Love those tall Dutch girls…:-)

    • JD

      The store is close to central station,Hard rock is 2 or 3 km away.

      • Bla

        JD / RB: The store is next to Leidseplein. Hard Rock is just around the corner.

        • JD

          So I can hang at the bulldog then hit australian ice while wifey shops at mini and shoobalu!Been a couple of years since I moved out of a’dam and back to real world.

          From the photo it looked as if the mini store was located next to the shopping plaza off dam square.