MINI Misses Filing Deadline for WRC 2012

Autosport is reporting that MINI has apparently missed last night’s filing deadline to compete in the 2012 season of the World Rally Championship. While there are rumored, low-intensity tensions between Prodrive and MINI corporate at present, sources say this missing of the filing deadline is not an intentional end of MINI rally racing, but is instead an accidental if significant oversight. Even before the relative success of this year’s inaugural efforts, MINI had planned to commit to a full season of racing in 2012. Munich is apparently in negotiations currently with the FIA to extend the deadline and get the Prodrive-developed cars back on race courses around the world. Hopefully the right cases of scotch makes is to the right people in time.

  • fred

    The FIA is continuing discussions with the MINI WRC Team in the hope of reaching an agreement that will see it participate in a limited programme in 2012.

  • With Subaru and Mitsu MIA, it’s in FIA/WRC best interest to cut MINI some slack and make sure they can do a program.

  • JonPD

    A rather silly mistake for sure. Have heard that there is some friction between Pro-Drive and MINI. Hope that works out as there are more manufactures joining this season and bet more than a couple would love to talk to Pro-Drive.

  • Michael

    Doubt it was a mistake… there is so much politics in FIA racing. This may be BMW/MINI getting tired of it all already. BMW may want to take over the whole gig as well and may not be able to do that if ProDrive is a registered entrant. There is always way more to these things than missing a deadline. 

  • m8o

    whud’a bunch’a chumps!  Reminds me of something I would do! :p