Best. Test. Drive. Ever. Period

MINIUSA asked you to describe the Best Test Drive Ever. Period. 6 words to describe the best test drive you can imagine. And, they picked a winner!


Watch as his dream test drive comes true!

  • Brian

    Please tell me that’s going on TV. I’m making a poll for the best scene. The Wax Sushi Bar, car flying through…

  • Anonymous

    Kind of random but still good

  • Anonymous

    Stunning looking. The red roof looks fantastic.


    Great video, however where in his six words chosen is his vehicle of choice. My attempt was a dream waiting to happen; Green Mountain valley, Meeke peaks rally.  Which would have entailed Kris Meeke and I racing through Vermont’s Green Mountains in the World Rally Championship mini. 

  • Volkan

    I went to a movie theater today, and this was one of the commercials prior to the previews. It was completely unexpected -I knew about the contest, but didn’t know that they picked a winner already- and exceptionally pleasing to watch it on a giant screen. Number of people around me started talking about the car/commercial afterward. Congrats to Mathew!

  • Anonymous

    I liked those turns that smoked the rear tires. Did DST bring that on?

  • Bob Hayhurst

    …I love it;  the coupe flying off the ramp; around the paratroper cones; flying sideways thru the saltfalts sushi bar. Mathew looks like he’s having a great time too.  It all works. Now that is what I want to see on the superbowl…

  • Aurel

    FALCONER .. hahhah, that’s fantastic and unexpected! Great band!

  • CruzinChris

    “Professional driver on a closed course”; cut to winner at 0:59 grabbing the steering wheel under-handed… classic.  

    • goat

      The underhanded wheel grab bugged me muchly… glad I wasn’t the only one that noticed that.

      That aside, this was an epic little film… and german metal band Falconer? Man, this hipster deserved to win, Portlandia or not!  🙂