MINI B-spec Race Kit Pricing Announced

MINI of Charleston has announced official pricing for the B-spec parts package for the R56 MINI Cooper. If you want to go SCCA racing in your MINI, the kit will cost you around $6,000, plus tires and a roll cage. Not a bad deal! This means that even starting with a brand new car, you’re racing for right around $30k.

The total kit price will be in the $6k range, plus tires and cage… which MINI of Charleston can also provide, but pricing has yet to be set. Some of what the kit includes is custom KW V1 suspension, Vorshlag Camber plates, Way Motor Works stainless brake lines, safety window nets, wheels, ECU reflash, air filter, etc.

Of further interest is the MINI’s SCCA-mandated handicap. Because the Cooper would be so much faster than its competition, it’s been restricted at the throttle body by a 33mm restrictor plate (down from 60mm stock). Really? The Fiat 500 is that slow? And while any or all of the parts can be purchased outside the kit, there is a bundling discount, and you will have to prove that the parts you’re using on your B-spec car came from MINI of Charleston.

So who’s ready to race?

[Source: Turn 17]
  • Anonymous

    As noted in the source article, both Brad Davis at MINI of Charleston and Matt at Vorshlag have been very helpful in answering my questions and it’s obvious that they’re excited about the series from an enthusiast standpoint, rather than just a business standpoint. This is evidenced by the aggressive pricing for the parts, as well. 

    Regarding the prices, I would still consider the pricing tentative at this point because they are still waiting for the final pricing on a few items like the suspension. That’s part of the reason I didn’t want to share all the individual prices.

    Anyway, it’s certainly looking like an exciting series for MINI owners. The WRC car is cool as is the Dakar Rally, but most of us will never see one of those races in person, let alone drive a vehicle with any real connection to those vehicles.

    This series is designed such that regular people could grab a lightly-modded Cooper right off the showroom floor… for less than the cost of the average new car in the US… and flog it on the track.

    I personally can’t wait for this to get rolling and I hope to participate myself in the future.

    • Anonymous

      One correction based on an email from Brad:

      A weld-in cage is included in the kit price. The bolt-in version is optional.

  • goat

    I like the simple lightweight wheels in the photo. Sturdy, basic, light = competitive.  

  • Wow! Kudos to the folks that made B-spec possible for MINI. $6k or so is cheap in the world of racing.

  • Pricing looks pretty good. The Honda Fit kit is going to be $2800 but only includes:

    Coil-over shocks Camber bolts Braided stainless brake lines Air filter Front and rear race springs Cat-back exhaust Front brake pads A/C delete belt

  • So when can I walk into a dealer and get my “custom KW V1 suspension, Vorshlag Camber plates, Way Motor Works stainless brake lines” installed for street use?

    • Anonymous

      The only dealer that will be selling the official B-Spec parts is MINI of Charleston. They will sell you whatever parts that you want… I ordered a set of the Vorshlag plates immediately after I received the above information. That said, there is going to be a “waiver” that must be signed in order to buy the parts because they are intended for race cars, not street cars. What exactly the waiver will say, I’m not sure… it’s still in the works and they will be sending it over to me once it’s ready.