MINI JCW Clubman to get JCW Aerokit as Standard

In MINI’s quest to make the JCW line more recognizable, they’ll finally be adding the JCW aero-kit as standard to the JCW Clubman. The change will begin with March production. The subtle design tweaks to the aero-kit that we saw with the factory introduction of the R56 aero-kit will be carried through to the Clubman – including silver trim around the grille (the same as other factory JCW aero-kits and not what you see above).

With this change the Clubman will also see the same JCW package available across the rest of the R5X models. The package comes with the aero-kit, red interior stitching on the wheel, shift and e-brake boots.

This is yet another step in making the JCW line stand out among the sea of standard MINIs on dealer lots. But according to sources it won’t be the last – even with the current generation of cars.

  • David

    Grrrr. That really bums me out.  I just picked up a 2012 JCW Clubman a month ago minus the JCW kit.  I think that MINI needs to install the JCW kit on all recently purchase 2012 JCW Clubman’s. It is not like there are very many 2012’s out there right now. This rubs me the wrong way,MINI! this.  I always thought that the kit should be standard for a few hundred dollars more on the base price because the side skirt length and the different rear bumper.

  • Se7en_speed

    I don’t get the grill surrounds part.  “we’ll make it look different from other minis by giving it the same silver trim as the other minis!”

    Why not just keep it black, it looks better

    • hatether56

      This is like polishing a turd.

      • Mjh93sa

        If that’s the case then I’m waiting on the delivery of my turd. Five weeks late now due to delays with the JCW aerokit that the UK does get as standard.

  • Chadjfischer

    won’t be the last change for the R5X…hmmm. suspension as standard?

  • Chadjfischer

    won’t be the last change for the R5X…hmmm. suspension as standard?

  • Lemelou

    Anyone has found this pic as a hi-res wallpaper? 🙂

  • Brian Sheehan

    I’d like to order a Clubman JCW this week.  Should I wait?  When are we expecting more changes?

    • 12 JCW

      Double check with the MA exactly what it will look like.  I ordered my 2012 Clubman JCW and it was produced in March 2012. When it arrived in April 2012, it had the JCW Aero Kit as described above only for the front and rear.  The side skirts was not the JCW Aero Kit, but the old Aero Kit (looks completely different than shown above).