MINI Countryman Cooper S Speed Being Limited

MINI USA has begun informing dealers that the R60 Countryman Cooper S will see it’s speed be artificially limited to 128 mph with March builds. Previously the Countryman Cooper S could eek out 134 mph before wind resistance halted progress.

It’s a minor tweak but still one that obviously had to be made. Which if course begs the question – why? MINI hasn’t said but we suspect that the combination of a short wheel-base and a higher center of gravity necessitated the change.

  • Cinimin

    Doed this apply to the All4 (which is an “S”) or is it already limited by the AWD?

    • R Burns

      I dont’t see what the All4 has to deal with the short wheel-base and the higher center of gravity  

  • robert fairchild

    is 6mph at those speeds really going to make much difference?

  • jeff

    if we show proof of purchase for coilovers can we have the 6mph’s back…?  😛

  • vargasgal

    Darn.  I though you were going to say it was already limited and could actually go faster.

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t “beg the question”. #grammarpolice

  • Anonymous

    So what will happen when they offer the JCW version. I wouldn’t be a happy camper if I shelled out the extra and then was throttled back. As Jeff was saying, maybe if the vehicle is lowered it could have the limiter removed. I wounder if they will force a software downgrade on existing customers as they bring their vehicles in for servicing.

  • JonPD

    Actually have to say that all factory MINI’s in my experience have been iffy at top speed. The one exclusion is the GP which is more settled the faster it goes. Have not pushed top speed in my JCW Coupe yet but will be interesting to see if it floats or settles.

  • I think i would go with tire specification here – they are probably introducing a certain all-season tire in the mix that has a certain top speed rating. Just some legal thing to make the top speed near the tire top speed. Or maybe they are using the same tire and the mfr. changed the compound or rating.

  • Damn glad that my Countryman will be built before this change.  🙂

  • Dr Obnxs

    Just get an ECU tune and have the limit removed when you have your boost raised! More HP, torque and more top speed. Sounds like a win, win, win!

    • R Burns

      Yes but with your insurance, lose, lose, lose