MINI’s March Production Changes

As is customary, MINI will be rolling out a handful of key changes for production starting this March. As is typical they call into three categories: color and trim, new and/or updated options and restrictions. Let’s take a look at all of them after the break.

  • The White Silver package with the Clubman will not be available with a white roof starting 03/12
  • Clubman gets the optional JCW Package complete with aero-kit
  • Clubman JCW also gets the aero-kit as standard
  • New iPod/iPhone cradle for the Countryman
  • The Countryman Cooper S gets a new 128 mph speed limiter
  • The Clubman to be offered with Spice Orange
  • The Hot Chocolate convertible top is phased out
  • Laser Blue and Laguna Green phased out.
  • MINI Yours bonnet stripes and side scuttles offered in black
  • All R5X models get Reef Blue (replacing Laser Blue)
  • Special editions start production: Baker (R56 MCS), Baywater (R56 MC and MCS, and the Highgate (R57 MC and MCS).

And the biggest news? The R59 MINI Roadster goes on-sale February 25th.

  • jeff

    glad to see orange coming to the clubman, but it’s a bummer that lightning blue is still locked out.

    • I want a lightning blue / silver clubbie!!!

  • RKCA1

    No sign of JCW engine kit for Countryman S in the horizon at all?

    • Don’t have any info on the engine kit, but the full-on Countryman JCW is expected later this year. It’s an updated engine with Valvetronic that will spread to the rest of the JCW lineup as well.

  • Lee L

    So, is the phone cradle for the Countryman designed to not self destruct the third time it’s touched?;-)

    Like the arrange being available.

  • Agro

    They listened to me!  About 5-6 months ago I was asking all the MINI people I have contact with why I couldn’t order an orange Clubby.  And now I will be able to!  Yay!

    • Agro

      Now, if/when someone runs into my 03 MCS, I’ll be able to get my daughters a bit more legroom and have an orange MINI to go with my orange Mini.  8)

      • Sdmidget

        I already have a Spice Orange MINI and an orange Mini 🙂

  • Mark Smith

    Reef Blue is the best Blue since Space Blue!!! Very happy about this addition!

    • Grahame

      Space Blue was great in the showroom but in person I didn’t like it (and I still kept it for 3 years).  It was supposed to have that greenish blue tint and sometimes, in the sun, you might get a glimpse of it.  But mostly it was just a dark blue and fairly boring.  

  • Don

    Thought the Roadster was already on sale?  (mine’s currently on a ship!)

  • Nina

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  • Reef blue on the R5X. . . sweet

  • IowaM1N1

    The March production change you didn’t mention…March 2012 build cars start the change to 12,000 oil change intervals.  According to my service team at the dealership.