Today we have another great question from the MotoringFile inbox that we’d like to pose to the community. Tim is wondering which path to go down: buy a used MINI or lease a new one? It’s a question I know I’ve wrestled with myself, and while I have my own suggestions for Tim, we want to know what you think. Click through the break to see Tim’s full question and then leave your comments below.

Hi Guys,

After about ten years of being a fan and stopping into the dealer to do a drive a couple times a year I’m just about ready to get my first MINI. However, I’m limited not by the overall cost, but by my monthly payment. So my question to you is what you think is the better choice between leasing a new MINI or buying a used MINI. To keep my cost around where I need it I’m probably looking at a 2008 to 2010 with about 40,000 miles on it.

Is an older MINI with miles on it worth owning, or should I just go with the lease and get used to the payment?

Thanks for you advice and the great show.


So what does everybody think? Who’s asked themselves this very question? Which way did you go and why? Sound off in the comments.