Breaking: MINI Takes the States Details

Not long ago, official MTTS details appeared on MINI USA’s Facebook page. What you see above are the official route and destination dates. Here is the text version:

Day 1 – Wed July 4 – NY to DC (via Philadelphia)

Day 2 – Thurs July 5 – DC to Charlotte

Day 3 – Fri July 6 – Charlotte to Nashville

Day 4 – Sat July 7 – Nashville to Louisville

Day 5 – Sun July 8 – Louisville to Chicago

Day 6 – Mon July 9 – Chicago to Des Moines

Day 7 – Tues July 10 – Des Moines to Lincoln

Day 8 – Wed July 11 – Lincoln to Denver

Day 9 – Thurs July 12 – Denver to Albuquerque

Day 10 – Fri July 13 – Albuquerque to Phoenix

Day 11 – Sat July 14 – Phoenix to Los Angeles

Day 12 – Sun July 15 – Los Angeles

We’ll have full coverage of MTTS both here on MotoringFile and over on, so stay tuned. You can also follow along over at MINIUSA’s Facebook page.

  • With travel the way they have it set up what are they going to be doing in the Cities? I don’t imagine they’ll have much time in Cities like mine (Phoenix).

    • b-

      They will have a MINI meet up in your city. Sure, not a HUGE event perhaps but something. I went to STL in 2006 and they had a party next to Busch stadium and then a photo the following morning before the drive to Indy. It was fun!

  • This looks great.  Hope they release the hotel info soon!

    • MINI USA says they will be releasing host hotel info in mid April. 

  • JonPD

    Going to miss this one, MINI could have not plotted a better course to leave the PNW on the far edge of the map. Still should be a good time for those area’s that continually get the MTTS events.

  • hfred

    It’s great to see Iowa included!

  • Bill Kunz

    Stuck on MINIs will try to be vendor again this year and will make the whole trip. We will leave the LA area on June 29th and make it to NY on July 3rd for the start on the 4th, then make the run all the way back to LA. Looks like a great time

  • Frank Granados

    MINI seems not to like the Pacific Northwest at all. Can’t recall a MTTS ever crossing that region…

    • alan_snead

      mini takes the coast!

  • Anonymous

    This event is about getting the most people to see/attend and sorry that does not include the PNW. Poor New England is left out as well- can’t get everyone within a short drive.

    The thin that will be interesting is the NYC/Philly leg during the 4th- could you ask for more bumper to bumper traffic and DWI stops? Seriously that weekend is a nightmare with countless people going to NYC for the 4th. The usual route would be the NJ Thruway from NY to Philly and that will be a parking lot.

    • Minnie Driver

       You’re not kidding. Especially since all three cities do amazing fireworks/4th of July celebrations with concerts. Hopefully with the 4th being on a Wednesday this year might help? Maybe that’s wishful thinking.

  • JonPD

    Denver 1369.6 miles Albuquerque 1424.9 miles Phoenix 1437.3 miles LA 1136 miles

    MINIUSA could have not done a better way of planning this event as far from the PNW as possible. I know many of these stops are large markets but seems that MINIISA is choosing the same cities time and time again.  Not saying this will not be a fun event just sad that MTTS keeps ending up a long drive away, Don’t think any other place in the nation is as far away. The PNW is the bastard child of the MINIUSA world. hah

  • Frank Granados

    With gas forecasted to hit $5.00/gal in the summer, I just don’t many making the trek to MTTS.

    • Wow that’s pessimistic (not that gas is going to be $5/gal but that not many people would go because of that). The trip appears to be about 3,800 miles total. At an average of 35 MPG (it’s mostly highway) and even at $5 a gallon, the fuel cost would be $540. Even at $3.85/gallon – what most of us have been paying recently, that alone is $423.50. The difference over 10 days (the length of the event) is $11.65/day additional. Between now and July 4th, you could save $1 a day and more than pay for the difference in increased fuel cost if, in fact, fuel is $5/gallon by July 4th. All I’m saying is, where there’s a will, there’s a way. 

  • alan_snead

    New Mexico to L.A.