MINI USA Sales up 42% for February

In the depths of winter MINI USA managed to record almost 5,000 cars sold. Leading the way (and by a big margin) was the R56 MINI hatch with over 2,400 sold. The Countryman came in second with almost 1,300 sold. Interestingly the new MINI Coupe found 254 buyers in February – somewhat surprisingly given the season and the limited appeal of a two seater.

Check out the full sales chart after the break.

  • Frank Granados

    It is a shame the Clubman is losing serious ground to the overweight and challenged looking CM. Much prefer the Clubman, not only is the best looking second gen variant, but also affords practicallity, added room/comfort, in a package that still looks, feels and drives like a MINI should

    • Mparry

      had a Clubman and traded in for Countryman, love both, but love CM more for looks, practicality, etc…

    • Anonymous

      Those barn doors on the back always looked just weird to me, as well as the odd line of color down the back sides. If they fixed both, my hatch would probably be a Clubman.

  • Kec201814

    Does the sales figure for Roadsters include those on firm order or out-the door sales? Hard to believe there were 110 sold and delivered already. My MINI Roadster  was ordered on 16 Jan, built on 6 Feb and is awaiting shipment in England.

    • The roadster officially went on sale February 25th in the US. 

  • Anonymous

    Interesting that the convertible jumped so much (40%!) especially when it’s now competing with the roadster.

    The optimist in me is hoping that this is a indication of consumer confidence.

    • Anonymous

      Could be that people aren’t fond of the boxy rear end on the roadster. We will have to wait another month to find how sales compare between the two though.

  • RakSiam

    I still don’t buy the conventional wisdom about the Coupe having “limited appeal” because there are only 2 seats. Since I would be willing to be the vast majority of MINI HB drivers never have backseat passengers, it’s essentially a 2 seater itself.

    • Anonymous

      I RARELY have passengers so from that perspective the rear seats are useless. But I have my hockey gear in there, with the seats down, multiple times weekly. So while the HB is really a 2-seater, it’s also a small station wagon, which the Coupe (or Convertible or Roadster) could never be.

      • RakSiam

        well, the space where your back seats were is cargo space in the Coupe. And there is the pass through for a longer item like a hockey stick. Certainly it has somewhat less space in that there is a volume that is eliminated by the rear end design. But for most people I still think there is plenty of room and utility in the Coupe.

        • Anonymous

          As a goalie I use up ALL the space in the back of the HB 😉

  • Anonymous

    I find it interesting that the Convertible sales are up so significantly. I’ll I’ve read for the past few months is how sales have tanked on that model

    • Anonymous

      It’s been a warm winter where I live, and convertible sales pick up in the spring.

  • Rhawth99

    I agree with Frank about the Clubman. My wife and I picked up her new Clubman S on 2/24. We had to order as the dealers in NJ have very few Clubman S vehicles in stock.