Rumor: New MINI JCW GP to be Released in Late 2012

Six years after the limited edition JCW GP, MINI has yet to eclipse the power, prestige and pedigree. Since then, MINI hasn’t produced anything like it. Finished in Italy at Bertone — thanks to unused production capacity of BMW’s C1 scooter — the GP was a limited edition run of just 2000 cars using a mix of the best of the JCW catalog and completely bespoke parts. It’s father was Gert Hildebrand, but the man that made it happen was Dr. Kay Segler, the head of MINI at the time. Now that Dr. Segler is back at the top of MINI it feels natural that GP2 is about to take shape.

Our sources at MINI have been rather tight-lipped about the specifics of the car, but here’s what we do know. Despite the Coupé providing an exceptional starting point, we believe GP2 will be based on the R56 and follow in the tradition of the first GP. We’ve also heard rumblings of another limited GP like model for the coup down the road – theoretically making way for a R56 based GP. but it’s important to remember that these details haven’t been confirmed by additional sources.

MINI will once again finish the cars away from normal production line at Plant Oxford with unique parts both inside and out. Look for a MINI Challenge-esque rear aero and a large rear wing. Expect unique 18″ wheels as standard, complimenting a one-of-a-kind variation of the JCW body kit.

The JCW engine will likely be modified to get at least 220 hp (in European trim) and the car will be fitted with the JCW suspension as standard. We haven’t confirmed that it will be dropping the rear seats, but given MINI’s emphasis on achieving a lighter weight, we expect it. Of course if our info is off and it is coupe based, expect minimal structural changes inside.

In late October of 2005, MINI celebrated the brand’s success with the first MINI United. That inaugural world MINI event was the perfect venue to debut the GP – a thank you of sorts to MINI enthusiasts. We expect history repeat itself in 2012 with MINI United being the likely public debut of the GP2. From there don’t be surprised to see it travel to MTTS in July and finally make its way to dealer lots this fall.

Pricing, like the specs is still very hush hush. But expect the $31k price of the original GP to be eclipsed.

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  • Anonymous

    Do want. Hilarious though that they’re not basing it on the coupe. Says a lot about the coupe. 

    • Anonymous

       My guess is because the Coupe is a little fugly (IMO – no flames lol) and the hatch is used for MINI Challenge? Anyways I like my JCW and I suspect the GP will be priced way too high – but glad to see it may be produced.

  • Aprilwhine

    Minor correction, there were 2,000 GPs worldwide, not 2,500. 

  • Jdulam

    I just want a 1st Gen GP, but I can’t wait to see this one!

  • David

    I believe the aero device at the back is a diffuser…

  • Anonymous

    The first GP was fantastic, I just always hated the body kit with the black fender flares not flowing into the front and rear bumpers. It always looked like an afterthought to me.

    • Anonymous

       I never liked the GP Aero design either.

      • Anonymous

        ditto. strayed too much into the trans am / Z28 realm

  • Chad

    Away from Oxford…could this be the first car produced by the JCW division? Maybe this is too early, or even not happening but it would be a very appropriate debut should JCW be separating into a specific division.

    • The original GP was finished away from Oxford. Even if JCW does get more M-like, it’ll likely never have its own dedicated manufacturing facility.

  • MINImofo


  • Anonymous

    This comes just in time for me.  Took delivery of my GP 0080 at MTTS in Jersey City, and have loved it for 6 years and 71,000 miles.  Never kept a car as a daily driver this long, and wanted to put it away for fun drives before mileage gets too high.  I do like the new Coupe but it is not special enough to replace my GP, so I ended up at the Porsche dealer to drive a Cayman R last week.  Cayman is a great car, but has too many downsides as a daily, with barely better performance (on the street, I’m sure that would change on the track), so I was waiting to see what would be announced at Geneva this weekend buy BMW/MINI.  When I saw all the press releases last week from BMW/MINI, I really thought I was buying a Porsche.  Then I saw this article, and it made my day.  Really didn’t want a big car payment again.

  • b-

    I sure hope that they don’t take the easy way out and call it the 2012 JCW MINI GP.  That would be a disappointment!  I can’t wait to see it, the details are what makes the GP so special, the spoiler, the  rear area, the front bumper are all BEAUTIFUL on that car!

  • JonPD

    Have my down in place and first option at my dealership, what I was really was hoping is that since the twins would have been the natural successor to a GP.  Would have made sense to me since MINI says the Twins are the “performance car” in the brand. Maybe they can be a GP3 lol.

    It will be interesting to see what they come up with, either way glad I have first refusal on one. Not a major fan of the R56 must say but this should be at least the one I could like. Would be Joining our GP if so.

    • HatetheR56

      Liked the idea of the first GP but could not get past the color scheme so didn’t buy one. Always wanted to drive one though.

      Just saw one on Autotrader recently with 9000 miles and a $17k asking price. I don’t think the dealership knows what they have. Considered it briefly but…….

      • JonPD

         The GP is something that I had initial problems with but I can say with confidence there is nothing from MINI that feels like driving a GP. Its true you can tune one to go faster but the aero on it is addicting. The level of predictability and precision is very addicting. Also has a audio track from the engine and exhaust that is hard to match.

      • Anonymous

        Which dealership had the 2006 GP for sale?

  • +1 for  Dr. Kay Segler!

    I’m curious to see if the USA gets more GPs for this version.

  • that.guy

    “We haven’t confirmed that it will be dropping the rear seats”


    Aluminum roof and bonnet?  Yes.  A/C delete option?  Sure.  Lightweight wheels?  Definitely. Aluminum suspension components? Right on. No rear seats?  Noooo!! No rear seats and a “decorative metal finish cargo restraint bar”?  H3ll nooo!!!

  • Chulle

    Will GP2 come to Australia?

  • Jon

    I’m going to be that guy, because I’m frankly surprised that nobody else has said it yet… here goes:

    Only 220 hp?

    Is that it? Shouldn’t the end-all, be-all high-performance track-rat MINI boast a significant jump in horsepower? I was thinking 250 would be appropriate. But if that is deemed too much for a FWD car, (for fear of massive torque steer, even with all the modern DSC’s and electronic torque converter thingies), then at least give us 225 or 230, just to properly distance this from the JCW.

    And the best possible thing besides the necessary horsepower jump would be to “add lightness”. Take away the sound-deadening materials. Make the radio, heavy amp and speakers and AC options. If they absolutely must add the rear seats, perhaps entertain the idea of making that an option as well; a rear-seat delete option. With BMW’s recent foray into using carbon fiber, in body panels, how about a carbon fiber roof like the M3 has?

    And it had better come standard with Recaro seats, and JCW everything. Including polarizing, yet awesome wheels like the R105’s on the original GP’s, but modernized, (and lighter than the R105’s were).

    That is all.

    • Mills

       I too hope it would have more hp. Citroen is getting 256hp out of the same engine in their DS4 Racing

  • that.guy

    Power definitely needs to be over 250hp to make it compelling.  Maybe they will at least give it functional front brake ducts…

  • Shanehall85

    More power is good… But it’s how the Minis use it that is special.

    Give me a ds4 with 300bhp and the 1gen Gp and I know what I would take… Yep, the Gp.

    They’re something special.