BSSP Takes Home Addy Awards for MINI Work

For those outside the industry, the Addy Awards are a local, regional and national awards program that honors creative work around the country. Recently, MINI USA’s agency, Butler Shine Stern & Partners (BSSP) took home top awards in five categories — including television, and out-of-home — at the San Francisco Addy awards. Taking home 11 awards total, honors were concentrated around two campaigns: MINI Rocks the Rivals, and the Coupé launch — including the space shuttle-inspired installation in NYC. These are not the first advertising awards for BSSP and certainly not the first for the MINI brand, so congrats all around. See the full list of award wins here.

  • JonPD

    The Coupe launch was  great one for sure.

  • $5469151

    Nice for them for sure as the ADDY is a good one to get like being in CA Magazine…but this is the award, I guess…. this is just my opion but it sucks. Maybe you or Gabe should contact them and re-design that slug.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe my comment just got lost as it said it was in review? Was my comment not of the admin’s liking….Seemed tame to me as I’ve seen worse here.  

    • I remember seeing it but I’m not finding it in the deleted folder. Sometimes the Gremlins just eat comments. Not sure what the deal is. If we cared about people being negative there’d be a LOT of deleted comments 😉