MINI Clubman Wins Alcan Winter Rally

MINI’s pedigree in racing is rooted in its underdog status. It’s the unlikely little car taking on racers with twice, even three times the horsepower. Recently driver Gary Webb and co-driver Marc Goldfarb drove a MINI Clubman to not just take the 2WD class, but to take overall victory away from the venerable Subaru in the 2012 Alcan Winter Rally. Satch Carlson, of the BMW Sports Car Club of America tells the story:

In addition, the Alcan Winter Rally includes ice-racing competition, where all-wheel-drive cars usually have a distinct advantage. However, in Valdez, Alaska, the ice-racing section finally ended a dramatic Mini-versus-Subaru showdown: With terminal engine failure, the Subie fell out of the rally, and Webb and Goldfarb drove the tough little Clubman to their well-earned victory—the first-ever overall win for a two-wheel-drive car in the daunting Alcan Winter Rally.

A huge congrats to Webb and Goldfarb for turning in a great performance and doing we MINI fans proud.

[Source: BMWCCA]
  • JbkONE

    in a Cooper too! 

    • Aurel

       with Holies!

  • VanMINI

    Hey BMW SCCA… it’s a MINI, not a Mini…

    • John

      BMW does own the name.

    • Hoover

      I see this in several automobile publications, too.  Like Automobile Magazine.  I am wondering if they go by some AP guideline.  It bugs me, too.

  • JonPD

    See you don’t need AWD nanny aid to drive in the snow 🙂 Good job guys

    • Okay, who had 4:42? Who won the pool?

      • JonPD

        Got to love it Nathaniel, did I hit a nerve. Just pointing out the obvious that a massive number of AWD vehicles sold in the US are a lark. They mostly are there as the automotive industry have been selling the myth of AWD being the safe choice for a long while. From the non-stop parade of them driving down the street you would think that we were in the middle of a ice

        • Oh no, not at all. I was kidding. I see all the comments as they come in, and after a while patterns emerge, that’s all. Some of you guys are a little predictable 😉

          That said, I completely agree with you. Unless you live somewhere that experiences frequent, significant snowfall, AWD ins’t much of a benefit. I think we all know tires make a bigger difference than AWD when it comes to being able to get around in the snow. That and knowing how to drive in slippery conditions. However, getting around in the snow and having fun are two very different things. My R53 with good tires can navigate snow no problem, but given the choice, I’d rather have the R60 with AWD for those conditions. It’s more fun, and the extra ground clearance makes a huge difference.

        • JonPD

          Good to hear, was thinking I was not being abusive (this time at least 😉 ). I definitly fall into that tired old record I know way to often.

          Funny thing is that the extra ground clearance in the R60 is what I would say makes it a better deep snow car. The AWD is what it is though the tires really make or break the winter driving experience for me too.

    • GoForSnow

      Aside from depth of snow, I will take my Clubman out in the worst of weather w/my Nokian tires and drive confidentially.

      I am not ready for an Artic rally mind you, but AWD Is not a substitute for proper tread and sound driving in winter weather.

      Not dissing those with AWD, our (don’t shell me) mini-van is a sled without it on hills.

  • Source link is labelled BMW SCCA. It’s just BMWCCA.

  • Frank Granados

    Great to see anything other than a boring CM do well out in the competiton trenches…

  • Anonymous

    I love this story.  So in the tradition of Mini/MINI motorsport.

    I’m a R50/53 fanatic, but the Clubman has gotten into my blood over the last two years.  I’m going to have to have one soon.

  • Anonymous

    As much as I love MINI I was shocked to see a MINI beat an AWD Subie in a snow race – until I saw this “With terminal engine failure, the Subie fell out of the rally”