Coming Soon: MINI “Black Line” Exterior Trim

While the Chrome Line interior and exterior packages have long been a staple of spec’ing any new MINI, owners looking for less bling have had to turn to folks like Todd Pearson to get the glair off some of the MINI’s shiny details. It would appear MINI is now seeing the appeal and will soon be introducing a “Black Line” set of exterior details.

Including the rear taillight trim rings, the rear fog light trim ring, the side scuttles and the headlight trim rings, the “Black Line” will let you take your MINI darker. Look for this to show up as an available option in the Configurator some time soon, and once it does, these parts should be available at your local MINI parts desk and elsewhere for retrofit. No word yet on whether there will be a matching “Black Line” interior package.

[Source: RealOEM]
  • Nim

    No belt line?

    • It would appear not.

      • I’m surprised on the no belt line option.

        • Roheryn11

           The belt line is considered an integral part of the exterior design…as much as the center speedo inside.  No surprise here.

  • Anonymous

    Is Todd the one who runs MotoringBadges, where you can get completely ignored for a few weeks after buying badges? I’ve had mail-in rebates from Best Buy arrive sooner and with more notification than that.

  • Anonymous

    Are the trim elments for the current year the same fit across the whole R5x line?

  • Anonymous

    The taillight trim is badly needed as I have always thought the current chrome trim is clumsy, just stuck on. On the R50/53 the brigthwork was much more subtle and elegant.

    • Per the diagram above, it is just stuck on.

      • Anonymous

        Right, but it will minimize the brightwork so it’s a step in the right direction. I always thought the R56/57 taillights looked too big for the car, this will help a little. If it was my car I would spray them body color.

  • Jay

    Is it matte or shiny? Looks matte to me. Not a bad thing.

  • Edge

    LONG overdue… but very shortsighted to not include the beltline in the blackout options.  A shame that it won’t also be available as a 1st Gen retrofit, too.

  • Jerry

    Another expensive and overpriced option, I’m sure. BMW will make out like bandits.

    • b-

      Cant be too much more expensive then the parts offered by AC and they might not take as long as some people’s wait times.

  • Oooh, I like! 😀

  • Adam

    Finally and right on time for me!!

  • Peter Iannaco

    Ha, I (and a lot of other MINI folks) did this a LONG time ago. When I bought my car I named it “Alice” and shortly there after I did the rings (front and back) and was henceforth know as “Alice Cooper”!

  • Peter Iannaco

    sorry double post

  • Lanky Bastard

    Just had my trim pieces painted black.  Black trim really only works with black cars in my opinion.  The chrome trim looks great on the brighter colored cars.

  • Approved

  • Bob S

    You must mean  GLARE….Bob S

  • Bill in Iowa

    Love it all. And about time. Wish that it would have been available for my 2011 JCW. Maybe for my next Mini in 2014. A F58.

  • that.guy

    Wasn’t this “coming soon” about four years ago?  And no black belt line = Fail.  Audi S-Line does it right.  

  • that.guy

    “Murdered out” since 04…


  • hfred

    You’re welcome.

  • Any idea when this blackout kit will be available? I’ve checked with my Mini dealer, ECStuning, and  a parts source out of the UK. Which all have told me that is not available.