MTTS 2012 Update

Todd and db had the opportunity to speak with Caryn Grun, MINI Events Manager for MINI USA along with Michael Johnston, a Para-Triathlon athlete competing in the 2016 Para Olympics, live from the New York Auto Show. Details like an update to the route through Colorado and conformation that there will be an autoX component at 3 stops during MINI Takes the States. We also found out where MTTS will be kicking off from; MINI USA Headquarters in New Jersey!

Registration opens tomorrow at Make sure to get yourself registered and keep yourself tuned in to White Roof Radio and Motoringfile for all of your MTTS details as they become available!

We are seeing requests for more information to help with planning your time with MTTS. We have a route and dates. What more are you looking for? Let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to find out.

Go Forth. Go West. Go MINI

MTTS Update 04/04/12:

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  • With so little info coming besides a few driving events, why are they making me pay $30/per person? What am I paying for? Insurance?

    • There will be evening events as well along the way. Details are still being worked out.

      The $30 does a couple of things. It helps weed out false positive RSVPs so that MINI USA can actually plan for accurate numbers. Then, the proceeds actually go to charity. Besides, I have yet to go to a MINI event that wasn’t worth $30.

    • Jim Carman

      Speaking as someone that drove MTTS 2010, most cities have a little something. I believe New York had a party with Macie Gray as the DJ. We picked up with the group in Pittsburgh, and drove to Denver. There were autocross events in different cities. If you came from the east coast, you had a chance to take a lap on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. If you came from the west coast, you had the Bonneville Salt Flats. Not far from Indianapolis, Jim McDowell flagged down an ice cream truck, and bought ice cream for the entire convoy. Later, we stopped at a Steak N Shake, and all gathered around a couple of tables. My wife and I skipped Dodge City, but I understand there were some water pistol fights. Then there was the entertainment at Denver (Blues Traveler, and a few other bands). All of that, for $25 then – and if you went to MINIs In The Mountains, you got both events for $20. It’s gone up a whopping $5 per ticket, and it’s still worth it. We’re going to attempt the entire route this year, even though DC is less than an hour from our house and would make a more efficient starting point.


      • Bob Hayhurst

        …you were wise to skip Dodge city:)..

        • IowaM1N1

          Dodge City was fun!   Got a free tour of the Boot Hill Museum and a great free supper and got to see the Boot Hill shootout. 

      • LTLMCPE

        Also in Chicago there was a reception the evening of the Minicross which was VERY nice.  It was at a cool place with both outdoor and indoor recepetion areas and they provided drinks and excellent hor’dourves.  Pretty much all you could eat and drink and some good giveaways.  There is continental type breakfast at each morning meeting point.  After the Indianapolis Motor Speedway event the local dealer, Dreyer and Reinbold hosted a bbq dinner.  There are fun events like this all along the route that you get to join if you have the MTTS credentials. 

        • Jim Carman

          It seems a there was an ‘ambassador’ of sorts, for each town we stayed at. The BBQ in Indy that I forgot to mention, breakfast in Columbus (or was it Pittsburgh?), goodies in St Louis. Basically, yeah, MINI took care of the folks.

  • Bob Hayhurst

    Done. C’mon July and summer vacation!! Do you think its gonna be hot in Arizona in mid July?? I can’t wait…

  • Ought to be fun going through NYC on July 4th!

    • Anonymous

      I said that when the original announcement was made and people said I was nuts…. I-95 and the entire state of NJ is a parking lot during the 4th. Not to mention NYC shuts down a ton of roads so people can watch the fireworks. Plan on bringing folding chairs and BBQing in traffic!

      • Bob Hayhurst

        …remember the glass can be half full just as easily as half empty Michael.

        I do upwards of 500 miles a week in Metro DC traffic (hideous) and while I don’t look forward to this part of MTTS, it will be (hopefully) a nice 4th of July, what w/ all the happy New Yorkers on the highway. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Still get disappointed every time I see the route; nothing remotely near Pacific Northwest. 

    • Jim Carman

      I think Texas and the surrounding states get/got snubbed as well. But, there’s nothing that says a couple of MINI clubs couldn’t organize their own convoys down. 

      I wonder if the dealers are incentivized to help. It seems in the DC area, only one of the 4-5 dealers ever sponsor any events.

    • JbkONE

      There are only so many routes from coast to coast – NY to LA, Maine to San Diego, Miami to Seattle, Cape Hatteras to San Fran, Virginia beach to LA – someone’s going to get left off the map.  I’m in Florida and they aren’t coming here either.  Just be glad you’re an enthusiast where the company who makes the object of our affections does this at all.  And on 2 continents!!!  I may not be able to go, but I’m REALLY EXCITED that it’s happening!

  • b-

    How about that segment from Charlotte to Nashville, can anyone say Dragon Run?

  • hfred

    I just checked the overnight lodging across the MTTS route, and found not a single Motel 6 or Super 8, with free parking. That’s okay. $264 for bed and asphalt cleverly keeps the riffraff out of this Premium Small Car niche.