Video: MINI Roadster: Topless Thrills

Last week we posted photos of MINI’s latest environmental advertising installation — a “peep show” for the new MINI Roadster. Well as per usual with this sort of thing, pics are great, but video is better. Hit the jump for completely SFW topless action.

  • I really want to see what these are like in person, with the top up, which is where I’d have it most of the time.  Someone at work has a Coupe, and I can’t say I care for it as much as the Cooper.  Also with the Coupe I didn’t like the rear visibility — of course I don’t care for the visibility in the convertible either…so…we’ll see…

    • Hemisedan

      I sat in a roadster at my dealers yesterday, as well as a coupe. Let’s just say that the roadster is MUCH easier to get in and out of, much better than the coupe. It rivals my R56 JCW, actually. As for looks with the top up, that’s a personal thing, but here again, I like the roadster better. Decision time for me is two years off, so I will have some options available, which will be fun. Must haves: Recaro seats and the JCW model, and maybe the darkened headlights. E

      • John

        The rear view is a non issue if you drive one.  I own a Coupe and see no problems at all with it.  That’s what the side view mirrors are for.  The roadster (top up) and the Coupe are no different when entering either.  The Roadster is kinda bleh with the top up but that’s pretty much the case for any convertible!  My opinion of course!  Coupe, Roadster?  Both cars are sweet as hell as far as I’m concerned!

  • b-

    While the video is just, Eh… The car gets better looking every time I see it! I will have one!

  • CV

    I’ve seen this in person, and I think it’s a brilliant piece of work. Very much in the MINI spirit!

  • VioletDC

    MINI has the coolest ad campaigns … 🙂

  • Anonymous

    With the top down, the Roadster looks terrific. Top up, it’s meh, IMHO