Rumor: MINI Plant Oxford Facing Possible Labor Strike


The Telegraph is reporting that workers at the MINI Plant Oxford are at odds with parent company BMW over pay increases and other issues. The former Rover facility hasn’t gone on strike since 1984, but with MINI sales at an all time high, proposed wage increases from BMW appear to be too small and too qualified for Oxford workers’ liking. However, negotiations still remain open for reaching a satisfactory agreement. While the presence of the current labor disagreements are not in question, we’ve been unable to verify that an actual strike is at hand.

[Source: The Telegraph]
  • r_k_w

    The tabloid version of the story: BMW workers threaten to strike over plans to make them ‘raise their hand’ if they want to go to the loo (TNT Magazine)

    A BMW spokeswoman refuted claims of employees relieving themselves in dustbins.
  • BrianF

    As usual union members suck. Hope they don’t kill the golden goose.

    • hfred

      Incredible attitude.

  • rjf

    Wow – a reminder of the bad old days in the British car industry …. thinking back to British Leyland and all … I hope that this isn’t a revival of those times when the British car industry seemed to be synonymous with strikes.