At Auction: The World’s Oldest Unrestored Mini

Many of us in the MINI community also appreciate the classic cars. There are plenty of enthusiasts out there that have both a MINI and a Mini in their garage and have become experts in tuning restoration. For those who are truly hard core, they could have a chance to own the world’s oldest unrestored Mini.

The chaps at Jalopnik found this little gem via The Sun:

The early production date of this 1959 Austin Mini Se7en De Luxe Saloon is why instead of sitting under a tarp in someone’s backyard this car will be crossing the auction block at a Bonhams’ collector car auction next Monday. Pre auction estimates of $19,000-$24,000 for a car in need of significant rust repair that hasn’t run in several years can also be attributed to the fact this is the oldest unrestored Mini in the world. Three of the seven Minis believed to be built before this car are still known to exist, but all of them have been restored.

It’s definitely not in great shape, but the heritage of a car this old, as an example of a brand as iconic as Mini, is still a very special thing indeed.

[Source: Jalopnik]
  • Mark Rosenthal

    I’d like to see MINI buy this back and either restore it, or keep it as is for its originality.

  • MRK

    So it might sell for $20,000 at auction, and you’ll need to invest another $20,000 into it to restore it in order to have a car that on a good day would be worth $12,000. Solid investment.

    • Eddie

      life isn’t just about investments — someone would buy this because it is their hobby or passion, and that feeling is priceless

  • paul deacon

    not restored? why is one of the inner doors red and other white?

    Its funny to be reminded of how much dash/IP have grown – I am pretty sure we would have better drivers if our current cars were more austere 

  • SFRedMCc

    Looks a lot like my 1st car which was a used 1961 Austin Mini 850 (w/ left-hand drive) that cost $430 in 1965.  I was told having a center speedo also made the conversion from right- to left-hand drive easier.

    I lived in Tucson AZ at the time; and it literally was the “hottest” car you could have in the desert, since it had no insulation anywhere including the roof or engine fire wall; plus w/ only those small sliding windows in the doors and fixed rear windows, there wasn’t any cross ventilation.