Spied: Countryman Coupe Prototypes

Autoblog has some very interesting photos of Countryman Coupe test mules out being put through their Paceman paces. What’s perhaps most of note is just how close to the Paceman Concept these Countryman Coupe test mules appears to be. Note the wheels, the side scuttles, the roof line, the two doors and their familiar Countryman face. This mule appears to even retain the Paceman tail lights — which, if they make it to production, would be the first MINI tail lights to touch the boot seams. All that’s missing are the gold accents and that terrific green body color. Well, that and the duel suicide club doors we kept hearing about. Go check them out on Autoblog and tell us what you think.

  • Scott

    It’s just so… big.

    • Themeatloafman

      that’s what she said

  • IowaM1N1

    Thoughts?  Well, speaking as one of the first USA owners of a Subaru WRX wagon back in 2001 and a MINI (R50) owner since 2002, I love the thought of WRX-type performance (an ALL4 ‘S’) in something more of the size of my ’11 R56S.  

    Having driven a Countryman loaner just this week, I’m still not comfortable with how large the Countryman feels. 

    So, conceptually, I’m in love with the Countryman Coupe — smaller car, ALL4 performance.

    However, at first look, the nose doesn’t seem right, and I’m not appreciating the sloping roof line.  I’m still expecting to see a more square profile at the rear.  So style-wise, it isn’t clicking with me yet. 

    When I first saw the MINI in 2002, everything about it just looked right. Looking at this, I’m just not feeling it.  But then I didn’t like the R56s at first, either, and now I own one and love it.   

  • that.guy

    yeah, that’s not going to work.

  • JonPD

    Not to shock anybody but really doesn’t do anything for me lol.  Would opt for one of these long before that LOL


  • Nick Dawson

    Note the two styles of radiator grilles on the twin-car shots. The leading car has a conventional Countryman Cooper grille with three horizontal bars, whereas the following car has a two bar grille with a thicker chrome surround. The rear quarter window shape also differs from the Paceman in that it appears to have dispensed with the drop-down ‘Helmut’ style. Nevertheless, there is very little ‘new’ about these prototypes, which is at odds with all the insider information indicating that the production car will have a front end highlighting some of the styling elements used  in the forthcoming F56.

  • Jay

    The, uh, …bulbous design of the Countryman and this really turn me off. I hope the next MINI hardtop doesn’t go in this direction.

  • twistyguy

    Why can’t other auto sites get the whole MINI Mini thing correct? For some reason it irritates me to no end. 

    Not a fan of the Countryman or this thing.

  • lex76

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like this at ALL… I wish they would have made an R56 rally edition with 4 wheel drive! They were studying how to do it way back on the R53 with Getrag! This however is not what I expect from Mini…I believe they are expanding for sales but losing the core essence of the brand making it bland! I think what they should do is make a Mini van next!

    • Dr Obnxs

      Those R53s with the Getrag systems weren’t done by MINI. They were done by Getrag to show that one could put the AWD transaxles in small cars and make everything fit. I too agree that it would have been great if they had been made, but alas, MINI chose not to drink the water once they had been lead there….

  • Aurel

    The profile looks GREAT! … the front … that huge front … not so much. Especially off with the now tapered look of the rear. The proto Paceman looked much more in proportion.

  • BC

    Looks like it has a lower ride height than the Countryman 5 door.

    • R Burns

      It looks like a generic car with a Mini badge

      • hfred

        Yes, it’s like any anonymous blob out there.

  • Jac Cottrell

    We have an R53 and now an R60 ALL4 as well. This looks like a great blend of both! I love the R53, but I am just not a FWD guy. I’ll take the weight hit for the AWD. The R60 is great for what it is, but needs a little more ‘connectedness’. I hope that the CM Coupe would be a little lower and a little tighter. (Note: we did not get the sport suspension in our R60, I am sure it would help…)

  • Lemelou

    Looks like a pig’s face that had a facelift!

    I mean, the concept i dig, but I too, feel something has gone wrong on the drawing board. Maybe the car finishes too thin?

  • John

    I love it and unlike seemingly everyone else who posts on MF I can see past the initial blandness.  The R60 is a great addition to the line and this will be too.  Face it the R50/R56 while somewhat iconic to the brand but is now BORING AS HELL!  The CM Coupe dressed in JCW clothing will be one sweet little AWD car.  Wait till it gets it’s cammo off and gets a proper aero kit.  Drop it a bit and it’ll be the one to beat.

  • JC

    Is that a new wheel design? 50/50 on design of this “Car/suv/sav/thingy”. Wheels though are cool!

  • Bob Hayhurst

    I don’t know…I think it’s another design that that has to be seen in person to really appreciate if it works. If it’s small enough, it’ll probably be ok. There’s a sweet spot to hit in a vehicle this size so I hope it isn’t too big. While I’ve never cared for the countryman’s headlights maybe these will get tweaked. Can’t wait to see it.

  • It’s the MINI equivalent of Campbell’s Chunky.  But just as the Countryman looks better (and smaller) in the flesh than in pictures, perhaps the Paceman will as well….which is the nicest thing I can say about these mules….

  • Chris Underwood

    Needs moar lower.  Might help a lot.  Not liking the tail lights – they’re not MINI enough.  I think the camo plays a lot into the disproportionate look – they’ve got the rocker trim covered as well which makes the sides look thicker than they would with the dark rockers.  Will withhold judgement until seeing one at least without camo, or preferably in person.

    Of course, without the club doors it’s a no sale for me…  If I’m going to upsize a MINI it’s going to be for the extra doors as much as the little bit of extra space in the back seat.  If I opt for a 2 door it’s going to be the good ‘ole hatch.  Perhaps that camo is cleverly concealing a pair of suicide doors in the back – if the window seam started about where the camo hits on the roof line I could see it…

    • Lemelou

      Actually the headlights and taillights look like they were stolen off my 07 tribeca….

  • Ronnie Wilson

    I love my Countryman, I;ve had for almost two payments. I have one question……has anybody a noise like something is loose under the car when going over rough roads? It sounds like the exaust system is loose.My email is  ronniewilson1@cox.net