Why Is MINI Photographing an Updated Rocketman Concept?

Thanks to Twitter we know that MINI has been recently busy photographing what looks to be a slightly updated Rocketman concept on Carnaby St in London today. Shod in JCW red roof livery and dark blue, the car looks better than ever. Does this mean the rumors of the concept dying have been exaggerated? We can only hope so.

Update: It would appear MINI is creating a short film featuring the Rocketman.

(Hat tip to Rakey and photo credit goes to Conallmahon)

  • Rakey

    See you saw the other photo, I only knew thanks to my friend Poppet (Lee)

  • lavardera

    I hope the F56 follows the rocketman’s lead – I really like this concept car.

  • Christian

    I really would like this to come out!

  • Bob Hayhurst

    Love the blue w/red top; it just gets curiouser and curiouser this rocketman…

  • Kevin

    MINI please make the Rocketman! 

  • matthewwanderer

    I still like most everything about the Rocketman, particularly its size (with people in the photos, it looks tantalizingly mini!):


    It’s difficult to say for sure, but from these other photos it looks as though the sheet metal crease are still part of the design. At first glance, however, I thought they had been abandoned, which would have been preferred, IMHO:



    Only thing lacking are some bonnet cues from the R50/53.

  • Chris Underwood

    Still fugly.  Looks like a MINI mated with a late 90’s Ford Taurus.

    • ulrichd

      Looks like you are very much in the minority on this one.

  • Mackpupp1

    I would purchase a MINI city car in a heartbeat!!!

  • ulrichd

    Love it!. Please (a) produce it and (b) bring it to the US.

  • Yup. Love it.

  • Lemelou

    This mini looks awesome!

    Even better in the flesh than in the renderings. Awesome color palette also! Très British!

  • twistyguy

    FUGGLY. Glad I bought an ABARTH this weekend.

    • Adam

      I’m sorry to hear that.

    • JonPD

       Nice toy.

    • Lemelou

      Spiffy ride man, grats!  I wish you many speeding tickets! (that’s just me being jealous… 😉 it’s not offered in Canada yet)

  • twistyguy

    I LOVED MY MINIs (3)… Nothing after 2006 I want, sad.

    • ulrichd

      I’ll agree with you on that one.

  • chad

    looks like a car for the Olympics to me. British flag anyone? Navy, red and white mirrors.

  • John

    Screw the Pacemen, we want the Rocketman!!!

  • Gokartride

    I think kind of car this is a good direction for MINI. 

  • I do think the snout needs to be toned down a bit.  Looks a bit like it’s wearing a bit of scuba gear.

    • hfred

      I thought it was a Nuk.

  • Aurel

    I think that car is fine … but those specific wheels make it gaudy. 

  • Rak Siam

    Me likey. Why bother to put a back seat in it though?

  • Kmccornick

    Love it!! Only needs a old school front roof mount antenna. I will get one for sure if they make it.

  • Hemisedan

    This really surprised me in that I like it. Always have liked red and dark blue together. Those headlights I lime too. So much better that that Mexican Italian imitation Fiat. One parked next to me this weekend. Surprising just how small and especially how narrow they are.

  • Hemisedan

    This really surprised me in that I like it. Always have liked red and dark blue together. Those headlights I lime too. So much better that that Mexican Italian imitation Fiat. One parked next to me this weekend. Surprising just how small and especially how narrow they are.

  • Jordanmini

    That article “update link” is from feb 2011 its got nothing to do with this version of the Rocketman, as you read it , the article is about the original rocketman launch film this one on youtube


  • cct1

    Hope this sees the light of day, loving the concept.  And I hope the next generation MINI will be taking the styling cues from this car–too tough to really get a handle on the mule pictures just yet.

    Wonder how much this thing would weigh; it would be tantalizing if it got the JCW treatment. Doubt that would be in the cards, but this car looks to be an absolute blast to drive if it can be modified for the track. Rather see this in B-spec than the base Mini, but that runs counter to what I’ve read about the Rocketman to date. 

    The front grill is a mess, as others have mentioned; it has a bunch of Gobbly Gook on it that I doubt would ever make it to production if BMW gets off the fence and decides to produce these.  I really hope they go for it.

  • Herr26

    There is a designated team within MINI nee BMW trying to get the car into production. The updated Concept of which you will see soon, showcases some of the designers ideas in terms of personalisation conceived for the Rocketman.  They have a styling model of a proposed MINI S Rocketman which just looks amazing.  Just by looking at it you know it will be great to drive.  

    As the walls within Munich say , BMW have talked to Toyota about a platform possibility and are also talking to Hyundai about a possibility of engine development and co-developing a next gen modular platform for city cars such as the Rocketman.

    The first discussions in the conception of the Rocketman actually suggested the Rocketman heading a sub-brand for MINI. One proposal was MINi to allow the smaller Rocketman to fit under the expansive MINI family. The small i was to distinguish the Rocketman from the larger MINI’s. Rocketman would still be offered in Cooper , Cooper D Cooper S and entry models too.

    Marketing have clearly done the key groundwork for the car all it needs is production assistance and a green light.  Support from the MINI community will help too so start shouting.  

    • klf23

       MINI !!!! BUILD THIS NOW!!!!! how’s that?

    • Bob Hayhurst

      It’s exciting to hear there is a group dedicated to getting this project to market. Personally I think this is the vehicle of the future. Small footprint, clever styling, great handling and technologically advanced electronics will set it apart from other vehicles.

      MINI should distinguish itself from the field and build this vehicle either as a sub brand of MINI or as another model within the family. I would love to see a Rocketman in my garage especially in S trim…