MINI United Live Blog (Day 1)

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@whiteroofradio on Twitter: “Iggy Pop is performing”

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  • There will be no JCW dealer engine kit or suspension for the R60.
  • Countryman accessory matte black trim: coming soon.
  • The ultimate roadster? A JCW with every accessory.
  • Shopping at MINI United #MINIunited
  • The 2013 JCW GP is behind this door. Check back tomorrow morning (French time) for full photos.
  • Paul Ricard Circuit
  • MINI United is Here


  • Martin17

    What time is the R56 GP going to be revealed?

  • JonPD

    How is the turn out looking so far?  

    • Good but it’s hard to say BECAUSE THE PLACE IS FREAKING HUGE.

      via mobile

  • How long of a drive was it to get there?

  • Aurel

    any reason for the US Flag on the Menu? 🙂  

    • Jason Parry

      Probably because it’s the american English version

    • Special dinner for anyone who came from the US.

      • Aurel

         Cheeseburgers? 😉

  • Bob Hayhurst

    Can’t wait to see the GP and specs; looking for some great pictures. Is there any time on the track??

  • RKCA1

    “There will be no JCW dealer engine kit or suspension for the R60”

    Well that’s a big disappointment. I guess I will be selling my MINI in the next few years.