WRR Interview: Roderik von Ostrowski MINI Product Management

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Fresh from MINI United! Todd & Gabe had the chance to interview Roderick von Ostrowski (Product Manager for the R58, R59 and JCW products) about the just announced GP. It’s a quick interview but serves to give us some further background on the car.

Download | 9:49 | 5.3MB | Show Notes

  • minimalist

    great interview guys you covered all the bases can’t wait for more details to be releasedi

  • hfred

    That’s a tease all right: not a word of information in almost 10 minutes of chatter.

    • Hoq1

      I concur!

  • Hoq1

    Is this an actual running car on display? Or is just a mock-up with no interior? I’m just insanely curious as to whats under those blacked-windows….

  • Bob Hayhurst

    Nice interview Todd; I could hear you asking questions sideways trying for information but Roderik seemed to be on his game. I suppose we’ll have to wait but I’d like to hear SOMETHING about the suspension. I’d like to see this car at MTTS, maybe driven by BMW/MINI test driver on one of the autocross circuits. Perhaps even driven by a MTTS participant willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement (me) about the interior fittings.

  • lavardera

    Its worth underscoring the move to 17″ wheels. Something I suspected long ago, and reinforced by the challenge cars running on 17s. Still feel vindicated though.

    But the 4 spoke wheels are still ugly.