JCW Engine Kit Coming to the Coupe & Roadster

Last week we brought you the history of the modern JCW Tuning kit. Now that history is getting a new chapter. As expected JCW Engine Kit is coming to the R58 Coupe and R59 Roadster later this year. As for all other models, the kit will be a dealer installed accessory with a cost of around $2,100 (not including installation).

The tuning kit will be the same 197 hp (200 bhp) kit found in other MINIs with 199 lb-ft of over boost between 1,800 and 5,000 rpm.

The kit comes with:

  • Sports exhaust with chrome finish tailpipes with the laser etched JCW logo
  • Adapted air filter
  • Modified engine control unit
  • John Cooper Works badges Performance data

Likewise the JCW Suspension will also be coming to the Coupe later this year. The roadster won’t be getting the suspension however due to the projected low volume likely sold.

You can see reviews of the tuning kit and suspension below:

  • It would be nice if this was a retrofit for the R56 Cooper S

    •  That kit has been available.

    • It is. It’s been out since 2007 for the R56. We have a couple of reviews of it on the road and track on MotoringFile.

  • Ali

    Do I have to install the Engine Kit at the dealer to keep the warranty?

    • chad

      this is a dealer install only. well, the ECU tune is dealer install.

      you can likely get the exhaust and air filter as stand alone parts, if not right now, in the near term future.

      not sure on the costs of the individual parts, but it is likely that the $2100 package nets some sort of savings vs buying seperately.

      • Ali

        Thanks Chad, this might save me money rather than go with a JCW, I’ve always wanted the Power/Torque, but didn’t want the stiff ride..

        • I definitely prefer the ride quality of the Sport Suspension over the JCW Suspension on the Coupe, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. It all depends on how you’re going to drive the car. If you’re going to go with the greater power, the better suspension will really complete the package. Especially on the Coupe.

        • Ali

          It has always puzzled me where I’d lose most of the damping with a sporty setup, is it the little rubber/larger rims, or is it the suspension? (I’m pretty sure they both contribute) Since roads in my area are a nightmare with potholes and rough patches everywhere, what would you recommend to go with? Would I get a nice balance with 16″ and a sport suspension? The sport suspension is the standard Cooper S suspension right?

        • Dr Obnxs

          There is no absolute answer to this. Suspension tuning can be all over the place, and what works well on a smooth surface doesn’t work that well on a rough one. And going from a taller run flat to a shorter non-run flat can actually give you a more compliant sidewall. With our Minis, most find the biggest change by going to a larger tire with a shorter sidewall, all else being equal. When you go to lowering springs, one usually has to run a stiffer strut to keep it from bottoming, This can all change based on the travel of the strut that is used. Anyway, the long and short of this is that there is no answer to your question, and this is why good suspension set-ups are really important to get a car that handles well.

          Most think that stiffer with less travel is better, but really, you want the softest you can get by with for a given use case to best maintain your contact patch over rought ground.

  • hfred

    So, without the bling, my 2011 Cooper S could have been 197 hp, at no extra cost….

    • Well it’s $2100 plus install so yes, there is extra cost. 

  • chad

    very interesting that the roadster will not have a JCW suspension option. i 100% understand the thinking as lower volume car and i am sure the overall take rate on the JCW suspension is and would be low…but it is still disappointing.

    i may have GP on the mind- but if they ever did a GP roadster, the improved suspension on the GP roadster would end up being fairly bespoke, and a huge selling point vs. the JCW roadster.

    • I found this bizarre too about the JCW suspension, as in the UK at least, dealers I’ve spoken to have found the Roadster is pulling in peoples money more than the Coupe. Theres an awful lot of pre-registered Coupes sitting on forecourts at the moment.

      Only thinking that made this logical was the planned Coupe GP would get this suspension, so theres 2000 guaranteed units taken up in the MOQ for MINI, so for them to sell as an extra is low risk compared to the Roadster which would be totally customer aftersales.

      • The JCW suspension and GP suspension and completely different.

      • R Burns

        No the JCW suspension of the new GP is more sophisticated (adjustable) 

        At last it will be a Real sport suspension !

  • Dr Obnxs

    This is basically an engine tune with some parts to justify the cost. If you want “factory”, it’s an expensive way to go. If you just want the power, go to an aftermarket tuner.

  • Razi

    Will this Kit fit on Coupe Non-S? The reason i’m asking is that I have a cooper (non-s) and been longing to install the JCW kit on it. But Mini doesn’t make one. Perhaps this new kit could fir in my cooper (non-s). 

    • Dr Obnxs

      Nope… The exhaust is different for the non-s (no turbo or downpipe), and the intake is different (no turbo intake). And the ECU tune is very different for a turbo vs a non-turbo, so that won’t work either. That said, the JCW badging would probably work just fine! 😉

      Really, if you want to bump the performance of the NA Prince engine, look to the aftermarket.

  • RKCA1

    So did MINI say why they aren’t going to release this kit to the one vehicle that needs it the most, the R60?

    • Mlavoie

      Indeed, I’d LOVE a tuning kit for my R60… That little extra power would really help with the increased weight.

  • Kelvin Cf Lau

    We need a jcw tuning kit for the r56 justa. They had it for the r50…

    • JbkONE

       You’d think there would be a market for that, right?  It would fit between the 120hp Justa and the 180 hp S.  A 140hp Justa JCW would be a nice ride!  That is IF they could get 140 without boost.

  • C George

    is the kit is different from the factory jcw car available now? Being that the jcw engine is different from the stock S R58-R59.. ?

    • Read the article posted last week about the history of JCW.

  • Kurtster

    I don’t get it. I’ve configured about a dozen minis on the web site. Isn’t this an option already? I’m pretty certain I can order a Bayswater right now and add a JCW kit to it

  • Kurtster

    Correction, I don’t get it. I’ve configured about a dozen minis on the web site. Isn’t this an option already? I just went to the site and I can order a Coupe right now and add a JCW kit to it. (Bayswater is a Hardtop). 

    • Dr Obnxs

      This is different than getting a factory JCW. That has more going for it than just these bolt-ons. This is a way for those that have the S engine to add something more to it once it has left the factory. This is NOT all the stuff that comes in a factory JCW.