MINI Takes the States to Feature JCW GP

More details about MINI TAKES THE STATES 2012 have been released. Earlier we let you know about registrations. We have learned that they have increased capacity at most of the events along the way, so if you encountered a problem registering for something specific, please try again!

We are also excited to hear that three very special MINIs will be making the trek with us; The new JCW GP, JCW Countryman and the new Clubvan!

Don’t forget to register, if you haven’t already. You can do that at Full route details can be found here, including host hotel information and group codes.


  • JonPD

    Look forward to seeing more shots of the GP and the Clubvan  

  • chad

    this is great news, i am looking forward to seeing the GP at the Rose Bowl. 

  • Bob Hayhurst

    Can’t wait to see the GP; Glad to see it made it to MTTS!!

  • As wonderful as it would be to see the exterior of the GP in person, what would be an even bigger treat for the supportive MINI USA fans would be to have that heavy-handed tint from the windows removed…

  • chad

    should we expect MINI to reveal more details on the GP at MTTS? 

    i assume the GP will be trucked from location to location rather than actually driving? 

  • Kurtster

    Hopefully they’ll let people take pictures of the interior of the GP. I’m dying to see how minimalist they went, or if they included any kind of add-ons at all.

    • Vanmini

      any word on the rear strut bracing we saw on the GP06? I recall comments that it was less than functional

      • It wasn’t functional and yes, it will return in the same capacity.

        via mobile

      • BimmerFile_Michael

        In talking to someone that was involved in the development of the new GP- the GPs larger diameter sway bar and the overall rigidity of the chassis means there is no real need for a functional strut brace. Maybe for all but full on race cars but that is about it. It is really there to keep bigger stuff in the boot from entering the passenger cabin