White Roof Radio #426

Full crew tonight talking about all things MINI, AMVIV and just a little bit of MINI Takes the States 2012. Plus Gabe’s experience on the train, among other things. We’ll think you’ll like it. And, if you are looking for more shots of the Batmobile from last week, Steve’s got you covered.

Woofcast 426:

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  • les

    My heart rate went up when I heard the D word.

  • lavardera

    DB was wrong about the Toyota – they started offering the Yaris in 4dr hatch some time ago. 

    And the Fit has a really very well designed interior – rear seats have several positions that make for a lot of utility, a lot of space. I’ll be very surprised if Mini matches that with their 5dr. But the front windsheild rake on the fit is ridiculous – top of the windshield comes to the middle of the car, makes a big wedge that, well, is just ugly.

    • Yes, what Honda lacks in style, they definitely make up for in utility and general interior ergonomics. It’s been about 8 years since I had a Honda but I’ve owned 5 different ones and was always pleased with the thought and design that went into use of interior space. That being said, I still think that MINIs (and BMWs) are more comfortable and fun to drive. We can only hope that with the addition of a 5 door model, MINI finds the sweet spot that includes design, utility and fun. 

      • lavardera

        The first gen Fit was known as a good handling car, but I doubt it will ever beat Mini for fun.

        But I agree with you Todd – I think the 5dr is a good thing and I can’t wait to see what it’s like.