MINI USA Announced 2013 Pricing and Updates

MINI USA has just lifted the covers on 2013 pricing across the line-up. Lots to talk about and take in but first some highlights:

  • Bluetooth will be standard on every 2013 MY vehicle (formerly a $500 option), replacing Sirius Satellite Radio.
  • Sirius will now be an option ($250) and includes a one-year subscription.
  • The Technology package now includes Sirius Satellite radio, Comfort Access in addition to the existing MINI Connected feature. A center armrest (with integrated iPhone adapter pre-wiring) is also included.
  • A new Premium package ($1,250) has been added for the MINI Hardtop and Clubman that includes the three most-popular options—a Dual-pane panoramic sunroof, Automatic wipers and Automatic climate control. Bundled together, they offer a $500 discount.
  • The JCW now comes with what MINI is calling “the JCW steering wheel”. However this could just be the standard wheel with a JCW logo on the button spoke – we’re awaiting confirmation.
  • Kite blue is now available as a JCW option – as we indadvertedly alluded to in our Roadster speccing article a few months ago.
  • MINI Roadster – The semi-automatic roof and rear wind deflector are now standard on all MY 2013 Roadster variants.

What about timing of all these change? Here’s the run-down:

  • Model year 2013 production of MINI Hardtop, Convertible, Clubman, Coupe and Roadster will begin in July 2012.
  • Model year 2013 production of MINI Countryman will begin in November 2012.
  • Model year 2013 production of MINI Clubvan will begin in September 2012.
  • Model year 2013 production of the John Cooper Works GP will begin in the fall (exact timing to be confirmed.)

Full pricing after the break.

All 2013 pricing includes a $700 Destination and Handling charge (unchanged from 2012).

  • jayparry

    What about Countryman JCW!!! (SOP and MSRP) who cares about the club van!

  • Chilly

    When will this be reflected in the Configurator?

  • Kec201804

    re: making the semi-auto top and wind deflector standard for $1000 on the Roadster. In my view, having owned a Roadster for three months and having had the top up and down quite abit; the Win deflector is effective and worth having ( but probably cost  $50 to make) but the semi-auto top is not worth $750. The manual top is very easy to use, taking about three seconds to raise or lower. For those of us that live away from big cities, Sirrius XM is a must. MINI connected is nice but in areas with limited cell phone coverage, it is limited.

    • There is a piece of info missing that you should consider. The Bluetooth is also standard for the price increase and the Wind Deflector is required when opting for Bluetooth in a Roadster due to its unique windshield and aerodynamic shape. The wind deflectior has been shown to significantly improve the quality of the system.

  • BimmerFile_Michael

    How they are going to import that clubvan into the US without paying the Chicken Tax. Maybe they are going to have this as a port build like Ford with the Connect? Take the rear seats out and add the load wall and close off the windows? Or is the price going to be a fortune thanks to the import tariff which is 25% for vans and only 2.5% for other vehicles. (the clubvan would be considered a delivery van by US import standards).  I highly doubt anyone is buying a clubvan at over $30k if the connect which is more practical is in the low 20s.

    • There must be a grey area as the Clubman is not classified as a van so they must say it is a “rear seat delete” type of option.

      • The original GP was a passenger car without rear seats.  The Chicken Law is only levied against “light trucks” which the US Government classifies as: (1) Designed primarily for purposes of transportation of property or is a derivation of such a vehicle, or (2) Designed primarily for transportation of persons and has a capacity of more than 12 persons, or (3) Available with special features enabling off-street or off-highway operation and use. So perhaps how MINI USA decides to market it and allow it to be sold and to whom will dictate it’s ability to skirt the Chicken Law (or not).

  • What happened to the availability of the JCW wing for the Coupe/Roadster plus the blackout trim for the head and tailights? Seemed like there was a post about this maybe six months ago.

  • I’ve known many people (not limited to MINI owners) that have let their introductory satellite radio subscriptions lapse but either love and can’t live without in-car Bluetooth or wish that they had it, especially with so many states or cities/towns making talking without a hands-free device illegal.  Bluetooth is a safety feature while Sirrius is a convenience/luxury feature and I’m happy to see MINI USA move in this direction. 

    I’m assuming Sirrius being standard was likely a contractual agreement between MINI and Sirrius and I wonder if it helps MINIs bottom line at all.  A manufacturer no longer providing access to a subscription service as standard certainly isn’t great news for Sirrius, although MINIs sales figures pales in comparison to most other manufacturers.

    Disappointed regarding the automated top on the roadster being standard and the price going up, but I’m sure I’m in the minority on the one.

  • Brian

    Thanks for posting this, I’ve been waiting for this info! I’d also like to know when this will be updated on the MINI configurator, or if there is a document we can download from MINI? I want to order now!

  • slap slap

    I’m surprised that the government hasn’t made bluetooth or similar technology that would allow hands free cell phone use mandatory.

    As far as Sirius, we have that in another car.  We cancel it, they offer it for around half price for around 6 months or so, we cancel it after 6 months, they offer it for half price…..

  • Hotrod Hemi

    The updated pricing on the confurator will probably come as it does every year: In August. Ghats when it was put in last year, and the year befor when I ordered my Mini. Actually that year, it was almost Septmber 1st, as that was a refresh year.

  • Any word if they’ll be doing the grey roof as an option as the R56 is on its last year of production?

    • The GP will have a silver roof. There may be a special edition model as well.

  • so i guess still no JCW countryman for 2013

    • Full release data (pricing, HP etc) will be available later this summer.

  • Imprezasearch

    No JCW countryman ? 🙁

  • R.O.

    And yet MINI does not come with a USB port as standard equipment.  Even the entry level low cost Fort Fiesta comes with a USB port.  If MINI now wants to call themselves a Premium Car (since 2006) then bluetooth (which seems now will be) and a USB port should be standard equipment.

    • Actually I believe it does now with the addition of Bluetooth. 

  • veggivet

    So the soonest I could order a Countryman Cooper Coupe All4  would be November? Winter will be half over before I get delivery!

  • lemelou

    Production delays on hatch JCW?

    I just heard from a dealer that there were pushbacks of a few months on all updated JCW motors so it fits the launch of the R60JCW…? What the?

  • mj

    Where’s the SD, turbo diesel!?

  • swiftaw

    Was it ever confirmed about the differences between the included JCW steering wheel, and the steering wheel in the S? How does the standard JCW steering wheel differ from the JCW accessory steering wheel?

    • The difference between the standard MCS wheel is a small oval JCW logo on the bottom spoke of the wheel. So it’s basically the same.