World Debut: The MINI Clubvan (Final Production Form)

The Clubvan is here. Almost. MINI has released final production information on the first officially available commercial vehicle to wear the MINI badge since BMW bought the brand in the 90’s. The Clubvan was designed with business and load carrying needs in mind but is also engineered to retain MINI’s famous handling characteristics. In fact MINI calls it the world’s only premium model in the small car-based van segment. Look for the Clubvan to arrive in showrooms this autumn.

Official Release: With two seats, five doors and wall-to-wall MINI style and personality, the MINI Clubvan – the world’s first premium compact delivery van – has it all. With this groundbreaking model, based on the MINI Clubman platform, MINI is translating the brand’s hallmark driving fun and inherent charisma to new applications aimed at the urban user. As the first premium vehicle of its kind, the MINI Clubvan sets new standards of style, quality and driving fun in the small car-based van segment. For the first time, trend-conscious commercial users can now make a stylish and sophisticated statement when carrying out deliveries to their equally discerning customers.

The enhanced functionality offered by the MINI Clubvan is based on a closed-off load area extending from the rear doors right up to the driver’s and front passenger’s seats. Cargo can be easily accessed either through the wide-opening split rear door or via the right-side Clubdoor. With its two-seater configuration, its fixed partition between the passenger compartment and load area, and its opaque, blocked-out rear side windows, the MINI Clubvan is classed as a commercial vehicle and therefore taxed at a lower rate. So as well as being the world’s only premium model in its segment, the Clubvan is also the first MINI commercial vehicle.

In the U.S., the MINI Clubvan will only be sold with the 121 hp MINI Cooper Engine option. This charismatic cargo carrier will hit the showrooms in autumn 2012.

The MINI Clubvan: unique concept with historic roots.

The MINI Clubvan is built at the MINI plant in Oxford. Its roots, too, are firmly in the British Isles. They can be traced back to 1960, when the original Mini – just one year after its launch – was followed up by a creative and space-efficient solution in the form of the Morris Mini Van. This van model, with a wheelbase extended by ten centimeters, a closed-off load compartment and split rear door, offered exactly the sort of extra functionality urban commercial users of the time were looking for.

Now the MINI Clubvan is poised to follow in the footsteps of its early forerunner and carry this tradition forward into the 21st century – in the same way and with the same panache as the MINI Clubman is already reprising the success of the fully glazed, four-seater Morris Mini Traveller, also from the 1960s.

First-class styling coupled with premium-class cargo transport.

The MINI Clubvan is a versatile choice both for upmarket commercial applications and for non-mainstream leisure and lifestyle use. It is in its element whenever special cargo-carrying jobs need to be handled in style. Its dimensions, with a length of 155.9 inches, a width of 66.3 inches, a height of 56.1 inches and a wheelbase of 100.3 inches, are the same as those of the MINI Clubman. Its tailored and functionally minded design has been achieved by taking out the rear seats and adding a range of customized features. The blocked-out, opaque rear side windows are body-colored, with an interior polycarbonate reinforcement. In combination with tinted glass in the rear doors, this keeps the load compartment well concealed from prying eyes.

In the interior, the flat loading floor and the side walls are trimmed in high-quality carpeting, while an anthracite roof liner runs the full length of the vehicle. 12-volt sockets in the cargo area can be used to power electrical equipment. Six attachment loops recessed into the floor at the edge of the load area can be used to secure cargo of all shapes and sizes, preventing items from sliding around when the vehicle is on the move.

The partition behind the driver’s and front passenger’s seats, comprising a lower solid aluminum section and an upper section of stainless steel mesh, is firmly attached to the vehicle body. The partition prevents objects in the load compartment from slamming forward into the passenger compartment under heavy braking. It also allows loading right up to the roof, so that full use can be made of the rear compartment’s 30.3 cubic feet of load space. The cargo area is 44.8 inches long and, even at its narrowest point just behind the rear doors, is 40.1 inches wide. Maximum payload capacity is 816 lbs.

Typical MINI driving fun in three different power ratings.

The MINI Clubvan brings an unprecedented level of driving enjoyment to delivery assignments. The powertrain and chassis technology is familiar from the MINI Clubman: the Clubvan boasts a powerful but efficient four-cylinder engine, the familiar MINI front-wheel-drive set-up, Electric Power Steering, MacPherson strut front suspension, multi-link rear suspension and powerful brakes.

With the base Cooper engine, it’s not just from a cost point of view that the balance between driving fun and fuel consumption is so attractive. The 1.6-liter engine with fully variable valve timing produces maximum power 121 hp and provides 0 to 62 mph acceleration in 9.8 seconds, with a top speed of 124 mph.

As an alternative to the six-speed manual transmission which is standard specification for all three models, the MINI Cooper Clubvan can optionally be supplied with a six-speed automatic transmission.

Distinctive style and personality as standard, personalization by request.

The MINI Clubvan is available with a choice of four exterior paintwork shades: Pepper White, Ice Blue, British Racing Green metallic and Midnight Black metallic. The roof, rear side window area, C-pillars and exterior mirror caps are body-colored. Optionally, the standard 15-inch wheels, with exclusive MINI Clubvan Delta Spoke styling, can be replaced by 15, 16 or 17-inch alloy wheels.

Inside, black seats with Cosmos fabric upholstery, a black interior color scheme and Fine White Silver trim strips are standard. This combination stresses the functional, clean and uncluttered character of the vehicle. At the same time, the interior design can be customized to suit individual requirements, for example with black sports seats (available in the versions Cloth/Leather, Punch Leather and Lounge Leather), optional alternative interior trim strips, three different interior Color Lines and a leather-trimmed instrument panel.

Like the other model series, the MINI Clubvan can be ordered with an extensive range of optional extras to enhance convenience, driving enjoyment, safety and practicality. These include xenon headlights, black headlight shells, Adaptive Headlights, Automatic Climate Control, Park Distance Control, automatically dimming interior and exterior mirrors. In place of the standard MINI Boost CD radio MINI Connected with a 6.5” LCD screen is also available. The optional MINI Connected with Navigation system, which keeps the MINI Clubvan heading in the right direction on its delivery runs, is a further useful option

The MINI Clubvan lends business an individual and exclusive touch.

The MINI Clubvan’s innovative blend of clean and uncluttered practicality and exclusive premium characteristics makes for a distinctive presence around town. This innovative vehicle concept is tailored in particular to the needs of commercial users (such as fashion designers, event caterers, architects or photographers) whose businesses supply exclusive products and services to discerning customers; and who are also looking to express their appreciation of premium quality and individual style in their choice of vehicle. Whether as a mobile calling card for small businesses or as a stylish addition to a wider vehicle fleet, the MINI Clubvan makes a bold and innovative choice for commercial users, and one whose typical MINI driving fun and instantly identifiable charisma are guaranteed to make a winning and lasting impression.

  • Aurel

    Question … if:

    “The partition behind the driver’s and front passenger’s seats, comprising a lower solid aluminum section and an upper section of stainless steel mesh, is firmly attached to the vehicle body. The partition prevents objects in the load compartment from slamming forward into the passenger compartment”

    what exactly can you access from the club door? looks like nothing from the photos.

    • I was thinking the same thing. ???

    • goat

      You can access the cargo area from the club door.

      The photo shows the driver side window, which is longer as it is uninterrupted by the club door – the partition is just in front of the driver side window. You would thus be able to access the cargo area from the club door, which is super practical for a delivery vehicle.

  • Dean Cory

    Chad… is this the next Detroit Tuned hauler?

  • b-

    Any guesses on price for this? Cheaper than the base clubman? I doubt it. I would rather just get a Clubman S and build my own sedan delivery. Remove rear seats Have some vinyl work done. Heck, I can even do a better job of the interior glass protection but that would be overkill.

    • JackMac

      Have not seen official pricing, but was told from a reliable source that it will be priced below the base Clubman

      • b-

        That would be great! I am not saying it should be way cheaper but how about the same to a bit cheaper. That would be great!

        As someone who is SERIOUSLY looking at this for my business I must say that this is the most exciting thing about MINI Takes The States for me, way more than the GP2. I want to see the cargo area in person, see how far the seats go back to see if the partition will have to be removed or modified in any way! Only a few more weeks until I will know. I have worked out my build and the customizations I will make so it shows off my business!

  • Aurel

    Also are there any photos of this car without these “wraps”? I have yet to see how a plain jane one looks like.

    • JackMac

      Yes, there are pics of a plain PW Clubvan also released. Google “Van-Tastic MINI Clubvan”

  • robblef

    WHY? Is this going to be the first MINI model to flop?

    • Chris Underwood

      If they don’t consider the coupe / roadster to be flops, I don’t imagine they’ll be disappointed with the sales on this (particularly since there wasn’t much involved in turning the Clubman into the Clubvan). It’s all about volume matching up with expectations, apparently.

  • A stubby radial antenna? Is this a first, or have I just overlooked this in the past? Or do we think this is an editing/photoshop problem? I wonder if MINI really is listening to third party vendors and owners and taking their lead in offering this. It will be interesting to see if it appears on other models in the future.

    • lilcoopr

      Would be nice…! 🙂

  • Kurtster

    I love this. I love that MINI continues to be fearless and actually release new designs that most car companies would kill before ever seeing production. Looks like the Paceman and Rocketman are coming too. They are offering something for everyone instead of only a handful of choices. I have no need for something like this, but if I had a small business that required me to take tools, or products from place to place, this would top my list for most preferable vehicle for the business.

  • Dr Obnxs

    Take the sawzall to it and make a bolt on hard top: The New MINI Pickup! Now that would be cool….

  • Gerard>

    The partition prevents carrying longer rigid items.

  • BimmerFile_Michael

    This thing is going to get hit with the “chicken tax” even if they try to get around it, they gov’t is going to come knocking… it is even using “van” in its name. The Ford Connect is imported as a “Wagon” then turned into a van at port so the 25% tax isn’t added. Ford tried the “rear seat delete” factory option route and was shot down.

    Watch this thing will either be very expensive bc of the tax or MINI will have these converted at the Port. There is no way in hell customs is going to let this enter without making a buck. If it does other brands are going to file complaints… this is not going to be good.

  • John

    I understand that they want to make it more affordable, however, I don’t thing it is smart to not have an S version. That extra horsepower would really come in handy especially if there are a lot of things being transported in the back.

    • b-

      The way I see it i s that as a business owner who will be hauling things in this hauler, the extra pep is not needed as the things in back will be all over the place. Ok, load this up and you will get the same gas milage as the S, load up the S and you will get way less than that. This is a hauler for your business, not something you will beat up on the weekends, unless you own a MINI Performance shop. I think that for 99% of people who would be looking at this it will be a great option!

  • VioletDC


  • Chris Underwood

    Figured out what was bugging me about it – it’s the monster truck tires they’ve got on there. 15″ look really out of place on a Clubman.

  • lilcoopr

    Fantastic idea for a city delivery vehicle! I could see a small catering company or flower shop loving the Clubvan for urban deliveries!

    We should have a gallery online somewhere where we all upload pics of these Clubvans with vinyl wrapping spotted in real life… would be nice to see the different styles!