Official: Australia to get 20 GPs

According to AUSmotive, MINI of Australia has secured 20 GPs out of the 2000 that will be produced. The Aussie market missed out on the GP the first time due to ride height and noise issues. We’re not entirely sure how they got around this as the new GP looked to us (with the first generation sitting next to it) to be at least as low as the previous car if not lower. Additionally sources have told us to expect an aggressive note from the exhaust as well – not something any quieter than before. Regardless expect pricing and availability to be announced in September.

What about the US market – MINI’s largest?

Sources have told to expect around the same 400 units for the market with pricing likely announced at MINI Takes the States this July.

For more on the GP check out full MotoringFile section.

  • John

    “Sources have told to expect around the same 400 units for the market with pricing likely announced at MINI United this July.” Didn’t this not happen?

  • Tim

    Nothing for Canada (again) I assume? We’re probably too small a market and the car would have to pass our silly differing bumper standards…

    • Bumpers are the same this time. It will likely make it.

      • lilcoopr

        Great news!!

    • faster, Tobias!

      Canada is getting some, we just don’t know how many. My dealership (MINI Crowfoot, Calgary) as asked for four.

    • faster, Tobias!

      Oh, and the Aussie population is about 2/3rd’s that of Canada’s, so we’re actually a bigger market.

  • lavardera

    paved the rest of the roads since then, their good.

  • I thought we got 415? 😉 I want to see it sell just as fast as the original but it depends on that pricing figure. We will see it next month. Also, will they finally be showing off the interior? I’m wondering why they are so hush about it…

  • mike74jcw

    No price has been given for the GP, nor do we have much information about engine, interior, etc. Come on MINI/MINIUSA, throw us a bone!!

    • JackMac

      MINI USA is throwing us a bone at MTTS where the GP2 is scheduled to appear (although probably still the incomplete pre-production version)

      • John

        I have a feeling it will be the same version (if not the exact vehicle) that was used at MINI United. I.e. tinted windows… since the official release isn’t until the fall.