Exclusive: MINI Paceman Colors Revealed

With the Coupe and Roadster officially launched, MINI is turning their attention to the MINI Coupe – aka the Paceman. No the official name has yet to be announced but MINIUSA’s internal documents are calling it the Paceman so we’ll stick with that until we see Countryman Coupe in bold type on an official MINI website.

What we do know will be the launch colors of both the Cooper and Cooper S Paceman. While both will be offered with the full gamut of Countryman colors, each will have a unique color that will be featured on launch cars seen in the press and on dealer lots.

The Cooper will be offered with Copper metallic – a deep orange. The Cooper S will be available with the exclusive Starlight blue metallic which is similar to Laser Blue. Launch cars will come exclusively with those two colors and a set interior color combination for both. However unlike the Countryman launch cars, dealers will be able to modify other options available on the cars.

Look for the Paceman to make a digital launch followed by a public debut in Paris this September. Production should commence in Austria this September with deliveries in the US likely around the end of the year.

  • jeff

    where did that green go…?

    • It was just a color used for the concept. Traditionally those colors don’t make it to market.

      • Aurel

        that goose poop green was slick and very fitting … hope they change their mind.

        • Goose poop is green? I didn’t know that, but I’ll bow to your expertise in this area. 😉

        • Aurel

          i grew up around farms in Transilvania … that’s the color 🙂

        • herr26.

          It seems I got confused to what the Paceman actually was when the car I saw was actually MINI’s equivalent to BMW’s Family Activity Sports Tourer (Not the Compact Sports Tourer evident in current photographs) But BMW’s niche busting Hybrid of a Touring , MPV and SAV. Based on the combined MINI/UKL matrix meaning FWD with optional AWD. As of course these niche type models filter downwards to MINI as downsizing is such an important trend in todays market. So with a BMW equivalent there is a MINI variant also in the works. The Paceman – nee Countryman Coupe is also progressing in different directions. The recent land Rover Evoque Cabrio Concept has spurned BMW into seeing what a Paceman cabrio might look like. It is not Green-lit, but if the Evoque starts a new trend for such vehicles , it would not be entirely difficult for MINI to do. Whether a Cabrio will or notr reach production. One variant of the Paceman will , A high performance GP variant is expected to join the extended GP family along with the Coupe and Countryman.

  • Lanky

    I am really into the Countryman Coupe, is that weird? It’ll probably be a bit big for my liking but I dig it.

  • rhawth99

    I thought the green on the concept was a really nice color. Almost July and still no spy shots of the Paceman?

  • Tom W

    The internal document yesterday announcing that the launch cars will be modifiable for the first time ever (only by option, as the colors are set with the two new colors) they referred to the vehicle as a Paceman, and corporate is still using the term as well.

    • Aurel

      It’s a great name and serves this sportier vehicle well … Countryman Coupe … well ….

  • I have a hard time believing the car will get unveiled in September and will be available in the states before the years end…

  • LH453

    I’m curious to see if they offer a stronger output for the Cooper S and the JCW than on the hardtop Cooper S and JCW.