Limited Edition Chili Red Countryman Bound for US Dealers

MINI USA has twisted the arm of someone at the Austrian plant where the Countryman is built and persuaded them to create a special model finished in MINI’s signature Chili Red. We expect the total production to be around 400 which US dealers getting 2-3 each.

Pricing and options haven’t been finalized but expect this to be an Cooper S All4 model with a healthy selection of options.

The current red offered – Pure Red – has been poorly received thanks to its lighter almost orange appearance. However the addition of Chili Red is only temporary and isn’t planned to be a permanent part of the R60 or R61 line-up at this time. However if demand is as strong as we hope, that may change.

Look for more information shortly.

  • Brian

    I own an R53 and an R56. If you put them next to each other, the Chili Red of the R56 is more “orangy” than my R53. Has anyone else noticed that on thier cars?

  • VanMINI

    pure red … if you’re a roma tomato!

  • Chris Underwood

    Sweet… Not a fan of the “Pure Red” on the Countryman, since it isn’t really pure red… Chili Red will be sweet. If it wasn’t All4 I might consider a swap (nothing against All4, I just don’t need it so don’t want to pay for it or deal with the added complexity).

    Hopefully MINI does like they often seem to do and offer it as a regular production color the next model year.

  • John

    Prodrives WRC MINI is CR! MINI should therefore offer it. That car looks badass!

  • JackMac

    Hmmm. How about a Chili Red JCW WRC Special Edition?

  • Christian

    Oh man, really love that my R53 is Chili Red… now this makes me even want the R60 even more.

  • Jack

    Gotta say, some of the colors for the CM are funky. The CM looks great in this Chili Red.

  • kev

    what the CM needs is Nightfire Red or Eclipse Gray.

  • dusty S

    I would agree on the Pure Red – not a pretty color. In fact, I’m not crazy about any of the Countryman colors. I delayed my purchase for I just wan’t crazy about any of them. I’ve tried to use my MINI owners lounge to let MINI that they could stand some richer nicer looking colors, but the comment section won’t work for me. Anyone have any ideas?

  • scotteast

    Great news. The tomato soup Pure Red really isn’t very appealling.

  • bill

    I would have went with Chili Red if offered in 2011; my previous Cooper was CR as well

  • b-

    I really can’t understand who MINI went with Pure Red anyway, it is a terrible red color!

  • Considering the high cost of the development process for creating new paint colors (I remember an article a few years back quoting a few $100k although that is vague and could be highly inaccurate) it is surprising MINI choose not to stick with Chili Red in the first place. I don’t dislike Pure Red, but IMHO Chili Red looks infinitely better.

    On the other hand, making a “special edition” with an already fabricated color certainly makes that process less expensive. More importantly every special edition should have a unique or killer name; so what is it going to be?! And what’s the big occasion for this special edition? Might we see the entire package and name at MTTS….

  • Are you F-ing kidding me? Where were you 6 months ago….