Video: MINI USA on the Today Show

MINI USA head honcho Jim McDowell was on hand to talk to the Today Show as professional stunt driver Han Yue replicated the 5.91 in., world record parallel parking stunt performed a few weeks ago in China. Reporter Jenna Wolf takes some time to talk with Jim about the 10th Anniversary of MINI in the USA and the Beijing stunt. MINI Takes the States is tangentially mentioned, but not directly talked about. With the event kicking off tomorrow, it’s an unfortunate omission, but it sounds like there were other segments leading up to this one. Hopefully MTTS got the mention it deserves.

  • Mysticeti

    Props to MINI for another cool PR event. Did Han Yue tap the front car? It looked like his front bumper flexed as the car slid in.

  • As much as I’m sure you MF guys wanted to hear Jim talk up MTTS a lot more, there isn’t a lot of press for MINI in mainstream media so this was great to see.

  • He tapped it for sure! Entire red car moved forward.

  • Kev50027

    Great video, but MSNBC is still awful.